Why Do I Worry About Everything

Hey everyone, Today's topic is about worrying. Why do I worry about everything?
Here is a list of some of the top things people seem to worry about that I thought of, and I am sure you could add to this list.

Things That Worry People

  • What people think of me
  • My family
  • How to be a good parent
  • My job
  • Money
  • Bills
  • Getting old
  • Having enough money for retirement

Do Not Worry About Things You Cannot Control

We all have a tendency to worry even though we know it isn't good for us, and it does absolutely no good to worry. We worry about a lot of things which are usually out of our control. 
I am here today to speak to everyone about worrying and why it is not healthy for us. When you worry about things it causes, stress in your body. Stress can lead to Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight Issues, Hair Loss, and Sleeping Disorders to name a few.
"There's nothing to worry about—ever! Either you have control, or you don't. If you do, take control; if you don't, dismiss it. Don't waste your energy on worry." By Unknown

I Worry About What People Think Of Me

When you worry about what people think of you in a sense, you are telling yourself what they think of you is more important than what you think of yourself. If you truly like the person you are why should you care what anyone else thinks about you?
You have nothing to prove to anyone except yourself and Our Creator and no one else.
A lot of people I meet always puts up a false front. The person they pretend to be to try and make you like them. But the problem with that is they have a tendency to exaggerate and most of the time you can see right through them. Which in turn causes you to dislike them.  
If we learn to bring out the real person, our authentic selves, people will be more responsive to us and like us so much more; even with all of our flaws. So, stop hiding the beautiful you, who is buried deep inside.

How To Keep My Kids Safe

We all want to protect our families, but we have to learn that we cannot protect them from everything just as our parents couldn't protect us from everything even though they tried. Some things are just out of our control!
We have to learn to trust in Our Creator to protect them and keep them safe when we can't. No amount of us worrying is going to change anything. One thing that always seems to help me is this question I always ask myself.
Is there anything within my control; I can do to improve or change this situation?
If the answer is no, then I turn it over to Our Creator. If the answer is yes, I figure out what I can do to change it.
Think back on your childhood growing up. Were your parents able to protect you from everything? I know mine wasn't, but I also know that I turned out ok and learned a lot along the way. 
Sometimes as hard as it may seem the best thing we can do is to let our kids make mistakes. They will learn from it. We just need to be there to comfort them and let them know we are here for them if they need us.
Sometimes being a good parent means to take a step back and give your kids the opportunity to be independent and sometimes even to let them make mistakes so that they will learn and grow.
In my opinion, the greatest gift we can give our children is to teach them good morals, values, virtues, how to be responsible, how to be independent, not to be so materialistic in nature, and how to think for themselves. After we have done all of these things, then it is truly up to them and out of our control. We can only hope for the best.

My Job—-Money—-Bills

I know a lot of us worry about job security. But here again, this is something out of our control. If we are doing the best we can, that is all any of us can do. I have these quotes on my wall, which goes like this.
"Getting fired; is nature's way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place." By Hal Lancaster
"Only insecure people need security. Secure people know that there's no such thing. Security comes from within, when you know you can handle anything." By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
There are times when I am sure we all worry about not having enough money to pay the bills. I have learned over the years if you keep your life simple you realize just how little you need to live. You need a home, you need transportation, you need food and clothing.
These are all necessities and things you need everything else is stuff you just want but not needed (Materialistic Things). You don't have to have the biggest house, most expensive car, and clothes. But I would buy quality food even if it is more expensive because of health reasons.
It comes down to how you spend your money or manage your money. How many clothes and pairs of shoes does a woman actually, need? And men how many electronic gadgets do we actually, need?
Another thing I learned over the years is. If you cannot manage your money making let's say 12 dollars an hour, then you will not manage if you were making 20 dollars an hour. That is just more money for you to waste and you will still be broke. 
I hear people all of the time talking about how they need to make more money because they can't pay their bills. We would all like to make more money, but my point is this. I see these same people with different expensive cell phones every other month or two, eating out all the time, and driving expensive cars and trucks.
They wonder why they are broke all the time and barely living paycheck to paycheck. These people don't know how to manage their money! It's a matter of learning the difference between actual needs and wants. When I first started out in the working world, I was making $5.10 an hour.
With that money, I managed to purchase the property I live on today as well as buy a brand new truck. I still took vacations and done the things I wanted to do. But I didn't have to have every new gadget that came on the market. Nor do I today! I wasn't eating out all the time, and I still don't.
The problem I see with most of the people today is they want something, and they want it right now. Some things require time and patience. I am not a materialistic person, and I live my life as simple as possible; but because of it.
I am not stressed out all of the time and worrying about money. I also know no matter how much stuff we accumulate we are not going to take it with us when we Die.

What About Getting Old

Why do we worry about getting old when we all know it is the natural process of life, and it is entirely out of our control. I think a lot of us worry because of health reasons, losing our independents, and fear of the unknown.
There is no reason that we can't be healthy and independent up into our 90's and beyond if we learn to quit worrying about and stressing out over every little thing, and we start right now and begin to eat healthier and take care of ourselves mind, body, and spirit.
In my opinion, 80% of our health issues is due to what we are eating and the chemicals we use for Washing Clothes, Dishes, Soaps, Shampoos, Makeup, Skin Creams, Suntanning Lotions, Sun Block, Hairspray, Lipstick, Perfumes, Furniture Polishes, and Carpet Cleaners to name a few. Most all of them are full of toxins. 
The other 20%, in my opinion, is going to Doctors instead of finding something natural to treat your health problems. When have you ever been to a Doctor and they not find something wrong with you? Then it's time to get out the prescription pad.
Most all prescription drugs are worse for you than most of the problems you are taking them for, and they usually do you more harm than good. Here is a list of the top 10 drugs sold in the U.S. and their side effects.

Table 1. Top 100 Drugs by Monthly Prescription
Rank  Drug (Brand Name)  Total Prescriptions to June 2014 http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/844317
1- Synthroid                            22,664,826
2- Crestor                                22,557,735
3- Nexium                               18,656,464
4- Ventolin HFA                      17,556,646
5- Advair Diskus                     15,003,169
6- Diovan                                 11,401,503
7- Lantus Solostar                  10,154,739
8- Cymbalta                             10,065,788
9- Vyvanse                              10,019,178
10- Lyrica                                  9,684,884


I can't speak for you. You have to do whatever you feel is right. Me personally though I will find a natural way. I see people all the time sick and going to the doctor. People I work with ask me all the time. Don't you ever get sick? The answer is no.

They also tell me I need to go to the doctor for a checkup at least once a year. I always laugh and say to them you will live a lot longer if you stay away from the doctors. I will be 52 in October, and I haven't been sick or to a physician since I was 14 years old.


What Is The Secret?

You might ask; what is the secret, as to why I don't get sick? My answer would be there is no secret. Like I said earlier in this post it is a Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connection.
I eat organic foods including grass fed beef and chicken which is running free as well as the eggs from them. Instead of eating eggs and chicken from a chicken house. Feed The Body!
I also read, listen to, and watch a lot of Motivational and Inspirational Books and movies. Feed The Mind!
I sometimes fast for 3 to 7 days. I do Body Cleanses, and I have a very Spiritual Connection with Our Creator. Feed The Spirit!
So, for all of you who are interested, this is my secret to great health. 


Having Enough Money For Retirement

I know a lot of us worry about having enough money for retirement. The only thing I can tell you about this is. You are not guaranteed tomorrow! The only thing we can do is live one day at a time.
Try to get out of debt as soon as possible that way you won't have to work hard in your older years. I have seen too many people work themselves to death trying to save up for retirement; and when they finally reach that age they ended up dying a couple of years afterward.
I have also seen a lot of people reach that age of retirement and then be so afraid to spend any of that money because they might have to have surgery, or they might get sick and need to go to the doctor.
So I guess I am saying what is the point of working hard and saving all this money up for retirement if you are afraid to spend and enjoy it. In most cases, you Die and then your children spend and enjoy it.
Don't misunderstand me. I am not against saving money at all. Everyone needs some money for a rainy day. I save money up to do things I want to do and enjoy; not to give it all away to doctors, hospitals, and my kids.
As far as my children go, they can work for what they want the same as I do; this might sound heartless to some of you but if we raised are kids right then they can take care of themselves.
Always remember one thing. You came into this World with nothing, and you are going to leave it the same way!
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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

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