What is the Definition of Purpose

I know that you were probably just like me as a child when I was somewhere between the ages of nine or ten; I remember being off by myself somewhere contemplating life. I know I asked God this question a million times. What is the Purpose of my Life?

Well if you were anything like me you probably never got an answer or at least not one that you understood. But now that I am older and hopefully a little bit wiser I think I know the answer to the question.
God gave us free will to decide what our purpose in life is; he didn't want to choose for us he wanted us to figure it out for ourselves. Our Creator gave each of us as individuals different talents which we can choose as our purpose in life.


  • Maybe you love to sing, and you can bring joy to many people with your voice.
  • Maybe you're an artist, and you can bring beauty to the world with your paintings/drawings.
  • Maybe you're an inventor, and you can help people with your inventions.
  • Etc.
There is something special about each and every one of us that we could use as our purpose in life. What is your hidden talent? Don't tell me you haven't gotten one because it could be anything that you are good at doing. If you don't know the answer, ask a friend or a loved one what they think you are good at, and they will probably tell you all kinds of things you wouldn't even have considered. The-World-is-in-the-Palm-of-your-HandJust think about it; the world is in the palm of your hand.
Purpose can have many different meanings. But I am talking about life's purpose. In my opinion, we are to take those God-given talents we have and use them to bring Joy, Peace, Happiness, Love, Pleasure, and Laughter to the rest of the world to do a service to humanity. That is my definition.
“You were never created to live depressed, defeated, guilty, condemned, ashamed or unworthy. We were created; to be victorious.”
― Joel Osteen
There is an excellent book by Author Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven Life.
I think you would enjoy reading it.

When Purpose Meets Destiny

When you find your purpose in life, (your hidden talent) learn to develope it and become an expert in your field. Then as you become an expert share the knowledge that you have learned to help someone else on their journey in life. We are all teachers, and we all have something of value to contribute to the world. Share-The-Knowledge-You-Have-Learned
Here are a few quotes that I think are very relevant.
“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift, away.”
By: David Viscott
“When your purpose and passion are in alignment, your work becomes your calling, your life becomes your dream, and your mindset becomes 20/20 in clarity.”
By: Farshad Asl
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
By: Confucius
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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

6 thoughts on “What is the Definition of Purpose”

    1. Thanks Ron,

      I appreciate the kind words. Yes, I would like very much for everyone to find their Purpose in Life. Imagine the Happiness and Joy they would be feeling if people were living their lives on Purpose.

  1. Hi Dale, What a beautiful post! We're so busy with this world that we tend to forget Life and its purpose. Thank you for reminding us that we weren't created to work and eat only… I love those quotes, there's even my favorite one from Confucius:"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Exactly what I'm trying to do in my life now 🙂 Your words made me take a deep breath and relax. Thank you so much. I wish they have the same effect on all your other readers. Cheers, Alma

    1. Thank you Alma,

      What wonderful compliments. Yes we tend to get so busy that we forget the things that are really important. I wish you every success in your lifes journey.

  2. Thanks for this inspirational post!

    I agree that we all have talents, being able to discover what they really are and how to deliver on them can be one of the biggest challenges, particularly for the new entrepreneur. So well done on laying out the steps here.



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