What Is Action Words

Today I would like to discuss the topic about taking Action. You might ask What is Action Words? Any word that moves you to do something is an action word. I have tried to put a list of words in order; in which one needs to become Successful in Life or Business in my Opinion.

Out of hundreds of Action words, these are the ones I have chosen to use and give a brief description of each.

Desire – is a longing for something that is worthwhile to you, or wishing for a certain thing to happen.

Step One                                                                                                                        

Well, the First Step starts with having a Desire. To be successful in Life or business, you need to have the Desire to accomplish something. Maybe you would like to quit your 9 to 5 job and follow a passion or a business idea you have. 







Decision – is when you make up your mind about something.

Step Two

Making a Decision is the Second Step. Let's say you reached a Decision as to what your Desire is and maybe you decided you want to follow your Passion or Create a Business of some kind. Ideally, your Passion will turn into your Business. Because when your Business is your passion, it's not like work at all.




Adventure – is a new exciting experience involving some risk.

Step Three

Not being afraid of an Adventure is the Third Step. There are always some risks associated with starting a New Business. That's why I'm not suggesting you quit your 9 to 5 job right away. Start off by building your New Business after work as a side job that way you are not risking everything.

Intention – is a purpose or a plan to achieve something.

Step Four

The Fourth Step is to come up with a Plan; your Intention for your Business. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. They are in no Particular Order.
  • Will I need to get a Business Loan?
  • Why am I starting a Business?
  • How am I going to Market my Business?
  • Who are my Customers?
  • Where is my Business going to be Located?
  • What are the costs involved with starting my Business?
  • Who is my Competition?
  • What makes me better than my Competition?
  • What are my Biggest Challenges?

Commitment – Is a willingness to devote your time and energy towards something you believe in or a promise to someone.

Step Five

Ok, you have a Desire, made a Decision, willing to have an Adventure, and have your Intention/Plan, so the Fifth Step is to make a Commitment to Yourself that you will Devote some of your Time and Energy towards your New Business every day.

Agenda – is a list of things to be done.


Step Six

The Sixth Step is to keep an agenda of all the things you need to do so that you don't forget any important meetings or to order any supplies you might need for your business.



Ambition – is the desire to achieve something.

Step Seven

If you want to accomplish anything in Life, you need to have Ambition. Having Ambition is what Separates Successful People from Everyone Else in my Opinion. So if you want to be Successful with a Business, you need Ambition.







Curiosity – is a strong desire to know or learn something.

Step Eight

So having Curiosity is the Eighth Step. As with any undertaking of a Business you need to have a strong Desire to Know and Learn how doing Business works. So always in Life; have a sense of Curiosity. I am not talking about snooping and being nosey with other people's lives. I am talking about learning what it takes to run a Business. 







Initiative – is an active part of starting something.

Step Nine

Nothing in Life will ever get done without taking the Initiative to get started. Let's re-cap. You have a Desire, made a Decision, ready for an Adventure, you have your Intention, made a Commitment to yourself, you have your Agenda, and Ambition followed by Curiosity and are now willing to take the Initiative. So you are now ready to get started.


Determination – is a quality within you to achieve something difficult.

Step Ten

Ok, you have made it this far, and I'm sure you ran into some Obstacles along the way. Maybe you just want to throw your hands up in the air and give up, but that is what quitters do. When things start to get tough, they give up. So, I am asking you; are you going to give up or are you going to have the Determination to Continue?




Progress – is the movement toward a goal.

Step Eleven

You need to give yourself a huge pat on the back for all you have Accomplished. Take a look at all of the progress you have made thus far. Go out and Celebrate all of your Achievements no matter how Big or Small they might be.

Sacrifice – is giving up something of value for the interests of something else.

Step Twelve

I know I could have put Sacrifice closer to the top of the list, but if you are doing something you are Passionate about; then I don't look at it, as a Sacrifice. So, in my opinion, you aren't giving up anything significant, or worthwhile.
Maybe you gave up watching some tv. Or going out with friends shopping and spending money or just being plain Lazy. But this is precisely the reason I made Sacrifice; Step Twelve.

Innovative – is coming up with new ideas, being creative.

Step Thirteen

In any Business, you need to be Innovative and always try being Creative in trying to come up with new ways to either promote your Business or ways to improve your Business. Find the means to provide better service to your customers than your competition.

Resilient – is having the ability to recover or adjust to change.

Step Fourteen

You need to be Resilient and able to recover or adapt to change. Businesses are always changing or at least should be so growth can continue. If you don't change and grow your business, it becomes inactive/stagnant, and we all should know what happens to water when it becomes stagnant/inactive; it stinks!

Destination – is the purpose for which something is created, destined or going.

Step Fifteen

Step Fifteen could have easily been used as Step One because some people think in terms such as what is called the End Game. They already know the Destination where they want to go with a business they just need to incorporate the other steps.
So you can figure out exactly what order the steps should be in or what works best for you. I don't believe anyone could ever give an exact recipe for success or starting a business because everyone thinks a little different and has different skill sets.
But I will say all of the Action Words I used are all Necessary for a Successful Business and in Life.
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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

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