In this section, I will be reading and reviewing; other books that I thank you might enjoy reading. I also would appreciate you letting me know about any books that you think I might enjoy reading or any that you want me to review. If there are any topics that you wish me to discuss in my post, please let me know and I will do my best to cover them. Please leave a reply.

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  1. Dale this website is great! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone and letting us know how we can make our lives better and  change some of the situations that is causing issues.  We need more individuals like you in the world to help us understand how rich and blessed we all are in our lives. I think if we just sit down an think about our life and apply what we have read I think we would have happier and more productive lives. There is one or more areas we can use what we have learned from you. Like realizing we are all rich in one way or another. We may not have alot of money but we have what alot of people that has money want. Thanks Dale for making us think about things in a different way  and I know it will make our lives better. 

    1. Thank you, Lisa,
      What Beautiful compliments. When people think of success, they are usually thinking only of money however success comes in many shapes and forms. I am hoping that with this website I can teach people a different way of viewing life and success so check back often as I will be discussing a lot more topics.
      Thanks, Dale

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