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What is Inspiration?

There are a lot of excellent books about inspiration as well as movies in libraries, Never Stop Learningmovie stores or even online.
Here is my definition of inspiration.
Inspiration is a force of nature that makes you want to create or do something. It's an interesting idea that just pops into your mind; it's that feeling deep down in the pit of your soul that makes you want to stand up for what is morally right.
How many times have you seen something take place that you just knew wasn't right? You felt compelled or inspired to do something about it, but you just stood by without saying or doing anything. Then you felt terrible about it later wishing that you had done something. 


Taking Action

My goal in creating this website is to try and inspire you to start taking more action instead of just standing by and doing nothing. My job is to encourage you to follow your ideals and dreams; to be more active in creating the life, that you want to live!
We have wasted so much time already doing nothing; How much time do we spend a day, week, or a month on social media just looking for jokes or funny videos? What if you took that time instead and focused it on following your dreams/passions and try to create an income producing business?

Out of touch

We have lost touch with who we are and why we are here. We are not here to keep up with what everybody else is doing in the world. If you are always following up with whatever everyone else is doing in this world; when do you have time to work on yourself and follow your dreams?
We are here to grow, learn, show kindness, be compassionate, to teach our children to respect themselves as well as others, to be more giving in helping others, to follow our passions and our dreams. In a since we are here to learn how to be more like our creator.

Where does inspiration come from?

Well, you can get it through books that you might read, inspirational movies, looking at a beautiful mountain view, church, or staring at the vastness of the ocean. The truth is it comes from many places. Most of the time we take it for granted.

We are so busy with our jobs, keeping up with our kids school activities, keeping up with what's going on with Facebook, keeping up with the news. We are just so caught up in our everyday lives; That we just don't take the time to appreciate the beauty that is all around us.


I see so many kids today and adults always on their cell phones looking at Facebook or some other social media that I ask myself what is so damn important that you cannot stop long enough to enjoy that beautiful sunrise or sunset. Maybe there is just something wrong with me! 



"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it!"
Written By: W.M. Lewis  


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Sincerely, Dale (Life Coach)

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Books”

  1. Very true, Dale!

    Inspiration can be found in so many different forms…it’s all around us, if we open our eyes to see it.
    It can be found not only in books, but also in our own surroundings. But, most people are too busy to take the time to actually see it.

    I agree, there are so many people nowadays constantly staring at their phones no matter where they are, or what’s going on around them. I find that rather sad, since they’re so connected to their phone, they’re not actually connecting with the people around them. They’re too busy to look up and talk to the person sitting next to them…trying to start a conversation is near impossible since you only get a uuhh or something similar in reply. And, meanwhile, they’re so busy looking at pictures of sunsets on their phone, they miss the one right there in front of them!

    People are becoming more isolated than ever by doing this…they don’t realize how much they’re missing out in life by actually having a normal conversation with the people around them or getting out to experience things for themselves. Most aren’t even going outside to enjoy the outdoors much either, even the children. I rarely see any kids outside playing anymore since they’re stuck on phones, I-Pads, or TVs. They’re missing out on actually living in my opinion.

    Makes me wonder what they’d do if these gadgets stopped working…they’d be lost, at least some of the younger ones that don’t seem to realize there is life without their phone. That they could go out into the world and see for themselves how much beauty there is in nature, wildlife, or even meeting new people. Inspiration is out there, if we’d go out and look at our surroundings.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post…it surely got me going! Keep up the awesome job.
    Best wishes ~Sherry

    1. Hey Sherry,

      Yes, Sherry, Inspiration can be found all around of if we would just open our eyes and have a look around every once in a while instead of our noses stuck in our phones all the time. At break times were I work I look around, and everyone except me is staring at their phones.

      I get frustrated because someone will ask me something at break time and as soon as they ask the question their eyes go back to their phones. I answer the question they asked, and they look up from their phone just for a second and say huh or what. So I end up repeating it again!

      What is so Damn important? Am I missing something? I don’t think so!

      I grew up in an era without cell phones, and when you tell these teens and 20-year-olds that today; they are like how did you stay in touch with everybody and keep up with what is going on? I said simple! You used the house phone and called your friends up and told them to meet you somewhere.

      You are right Sherry! The young children today don’t go outside to play anymore. I saw the same thing happening with my two boys Shane and Nathaniel when they were small. All they wanted to do was play Video games. So I put my foot down and put a stop to it.

      If you want to know what I did to end it, read my post titled; Why did Albert Einstein say imagination is more important than knowledge

      I say the same thing all of the time, Sherry! If someone set off an EMP and wiped out all of the electronics what would, these kids do then. Well, I can’t say just the kids because I see so many adults the same way who would be just as hopeless. They would be totally lost and wouldn’t know what to do or how to act.

      Sherry, I am pleased that my post is something you could relate too. I hope other people can see the value because we need to work together and try to change this situation.

      The young adults growing up today are supposed to take care of us in our golden years, but they can’t even take care of themselves. What’s even worse is if this way of life continues who will take care of them when they get old?

      1. Hey Dale,
        It seems we have the same experiences at break times in our work place, lol! It is so frustrating! They ask something or start a conversation and then, there they go…their eyes go to the phone and I’ve only got two words out, and it’s “huh?” as if they completely forgot what they started saying.

        I hear ya! Now, what is so damn important that they couldn’t at least let me answer back before they start looking at their phone. I’m often the only one sitting out there with no phone as well, although I do have one. And, the thing is…the stuff that I get on that phone does wait til I get around to checking it. In fact, it’ll be there days later!

        Lately, I’ve started bringing mine out with me too, but only use it if no one else is out there to talk to since I don’t always take my break at the same time as everyone else. But, if someone does come out, I still acknowledge them with a “good morning” or whatever, and wait to see what they say.

        It’s a scary thing indeed to see how many of the younger generation are so dependent on electronics…and I too, wonder how will they take of us in our golden years, when they can’t even take care of themselves?

        I have two kids myself, a girl and a boy that are about10 years apart…Christina and Nathaniel…it’s funny we both have a son named Nathaniel! Anyways, what a difference that 10 years made…while our 20-year-old daughter is pretty independent and always has been to a point, our younger one, Nathaniel has been a different story altogether.

        When he was really young, he was creative and did things for himself more than he does now at 10 1/2 years old. Things changed when he went to school and started listening to the other kids. Now, it’s like pulling teeth to get him off the TV and video games to do anything else.

        Well, Dale, I’ll have to check that post out and see what you did…I sure don’t want him ending up like so many of these young “adults” I see that can barely think or do things for themselves! They won’t do anything until they’re told to do it by someone else, which is a scary thought in my book.

        Unless things change, I’m really not sure who will take care of them when they get old either, as we won’t be here to do it anymore…

        Dale, I’m stumped…but wait! Maybe an app from their phone will do it… or so, they may be led to believe!

        1. Hey Sherry,
          It really is nuts these days with the way everyone is always on their phones. It blows my mind! I have a cell phone myself, but mine is just a basic phone. I don’t have data on it, so all I can do with it is to make a call or text, and I don’t care for texting. I would rather talk to a human being.

          The people I work with laugh and joke about my phone all the time, saying you can’t even look up anything with it. My reply is always the same; I have a computer at home, and there is nothing so damn important which can’t wait until I get to the house.

          Some of the younger guys at work asked me the other day. How do you keep up with what’s going on? And how did you stay in touch with friends when you was growing up?

          How do I keep up with what is going on?
          I don’t! I mind my on business and keep my nose out of everyone else’s. We all have our on problems we should be working to resolve without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

          How did I stay in touch with friends growing up?
          I called them with the house phone had them to meet me somewhere, and then we hung out and talked in person.

          It is a scary thought indeed Sherry about this younger generation. We can and will have to take care of ourselves, but if things don’t change; I have no clue as to who will look after them when they get older.

          LOL Sherry! They have an app for everything else.

          Thanks for stopping by and I wish you the best with breaking that cycle with your youngest.

          Warm wishes

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