How To Work At Home-And Earn Money Online

I created this post for all of those who have been searching for how to work at home and earn money online. Today I will be discussing two of the most talked about with one of them being the most controversial ways on how to work at home and what the differences are.
I will also discuss some of the pros and cons of both types of marketing because I have done both kinds and still do in fact. What I am talking about our affiliate and network marketing.

Why Do You Want To Work From Home?

The number one question you need to ask yourselves is why do you want to work from home? Everyone has there own intentions for wanting to work from home. My reasons were quite simple. I had a high paying job as a supervisor making a good living. But that was all I was doing was making a living. I didn’t have a life! Does this sound like you?

I would get up every day go to work for 10 or 12-hour shifts come home and take a shower, get something to eat, set up for a few hours of family time and then have to get in the bed so I could do it all over again the next day. Most of the time If I didn’t have to work on the weekends; I was so tired I didn’t feel like doing anything except resting up for the following week.

So as you can see that is not a life! That is called making a living!


So, if you know your, reason why you want to work from home. Then your next questions should be how am I going to be able to do it? And what kind of work at home jobs are available? So I started researching on the computer for things like how to work at home opportunities.



How To Work At Home And Earn Money Online?

The two home-based business models I came across the most where network marketing and affiliate marketing. I worked in a sheet metal manufacturing company for 34 years, and I had no clue as to how to do either of these kinds of online businesses. But I knew a lot of people were making lots of money doing these types of activities online.

And it allowed them to have the freedom to create a good life for themselves and their families where they could work from anywhere in the world. I figured if they can do it! So can I and so can you! That’s what I wanted to be able to do is to create a life and not just make a living.

I had no prior experience in affiliate or network marketing, and maybe you don’t either. I just knew I needed to learn how. So I had to figure out how to work at home with a job still supporting me in case, I failed. I searched for what is the best internet marketing course for beginners.

What Is The Best Internet Marketing Course For Beginners?
I knew I needed something with step by step instructions, so I searched through dozens of them before I landed on wealthy affiliates website; It was exactly the kind of training I was looking for with easy to follow instructions. At Wealthy Affiliate, they have step by step training with videos showing you how to perform each task.
Wealthy affiliate takes you through the whole process from start to finish on how to build a website. You learn about SEO and how to find the right keywords to help you get your content ranked on the first page of Google. Wealth affiliate is a community of people helping each other to become successful with affiliate marketing.

So let’s discuss affiliate marketing first. What it is as well as some of the pros and cons. I should mention I have been doing affiliate marketing now for a little over three years. Then we will discuss what network marketing is and some of the pros and cons of it as well.

Affiliate Marketing
What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is taking an idea or desire you have and building a website around that idea or passion. It is also called a Niche website. You will want to try and pick a niche that also has a lot of market potential. For example something in health care. But you will want to narrow it down to something more specific such as Diabetes.
The goal is to become an authority website all about Diabetes. So you research keywords and are continually writing out good quality content with helpful information such as what to eat and what not to eat if you have Diabetes. The goal also is to get your posts or pages ranked on the first page of Google so that you will start getting traffic to your website.
Once you have several posts or pages with helpful content, then you find products to promote for whatever your content is about on your niche website. Then you want to research different affiliate programs to sign-up for who carry the products you wish to promote on your site. Affiliate programs are free to join and you can sign-up for as many as you like.
Once you are accepted, into these programs, you get the personalized affiliate links that you embed within your website or on the products you are promoting. Then if anyone clicks on your links and purchases something you will earn a commission from the company for sending them, customers.

Not all affiliate programs pay out the same commissions. So you will want to research them and see which ones pay out the most significant percentages. You will have to build an audience or visitors to your website to start getting enough traffic to start making any money from your affiliate links. So now you know pretty much the way affiliate marketing works.


The Pros And Cons In Affiliate Marketing.


    • Flexible work schedule.
    • You own your own business.
    • You’re the boss.
    • You can create passive or residual income.
    • Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar business.
    • No limit for how much income you can earn.
    • You can build multiple niche websites.
    • You can have many different affiliate programs.
    • Don’t have to stock or ship products.
    • Most of the time you don’t have repeat customers depending on your niche.
    • No guarantee of income.
    • Always have to write new content.
    • It can be a lot of hard work.
    • The competition is fierce.
    • You will have to purchase a website URL. About $15 a year.
    • You will have to pay on average $50 a month for hosting.
    • Affiliate hijacking can occur in which you’re not given credit for your referral.
    • Companies can change their affiliate programs or cancel you at any time.



Network Marketing

What is network marketing? Also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or (Pyramid Schemes). First off I want to start off by saying that network marketing has been given a bad reputation because of a few unscrupulous companies which I won’t name. But that doesn’t mean that all network marketing companies are evil or that you can’t make any money with them.

Mary Kay, Avon, and even Tupperware, although you don’t hear much about Tupperware anymore, are all network marketing companies, and they have been around for years. Just because in most network marketing companies you recruit a team underneath you doesn’t necessarily mean it is a pyramid scheme.
Network marketing is companies which have a product or service they offer, and they pay distributors or associates commissions when they sell and market their products or services as well as recruit other people into the business commonly known as your downline.
Most network marketing companies you have to pay a minimal monthly fee to be eligible to earn commissions from your downline. Some network marketing companies require you to purchase their products at wholesale prices and then resale them at retail prices. Which I don’t recommend; unless you are a great salesperson!
Not-All-Network-Marketing-Companies-Are-A-ScamNetwork marketing, unlike affiliate marketing, sometimes have websites they provide you with that is already built out with the products or services already added to them. Then you share your site with other people who might be interested in either purchasing a product from you or signing up to become a distributor or associate themselves.
The only bad thing about the websites they provide is that you can’t customize them to your liking. Another difference in network marketing is you can usually make some money pretty quickly if you are with a company which offers good products or services. With the right products, it’s not that hard to make at least some money.

The Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing.

    • With the right products, you usually can make some money pretty quickly.
    • They usually provide you with websites which are already set-up.
    • You don’t have to write new content continually.
    • You don’t have to worry about getting ranked on the first page of Google.
    • Network marketing provides you with a flexible work schedule.
    • You can create passive or residual income.
    • With the right company, you don’t have to purchase stock or ship products.
    • No limit for how much income you can earn.
    • Your earning potential is not solely dependent on your efforts.
    • Repeat customers if you have a good product or service.
    • You can’t customize your website to your liking.
    • No guarantee of income.
    • It can be a lot of hard work.
    • A lot of competition.
    • You will usually pay a minimum monthly fee to earn commissions from your downline.
    • You could be out of business if the company decides to shut down.
    • With some companies, you somewhat depend on your team to help you earn good money.
    • Trying to Find the right company for you.
    • You have no control over company policies.
    • With some companies, you need to be a team leader and encourage and help your recruits.
The Pros And Cons To Working From Home.
    • Not having to answer to a boss.
    • The flexibility, of your time.
    • Drama free.
    • Take breaks when you need to.
    • Can work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a wifi signal.



    • No guarantees, on income.
    • You put in more hours than you would a regular job.
    • You have to do the work if you want to make any money.
    • There is no such thing, as a get rich, quick business!
    • You need to be organized and have a plan to achieve success.
Network Marketing Tips.
    • There Is No Such Thing As Getting Rich Quick!
The internet is filled with all kinds of so-called get rich quick opportunities, and I have tried a few of them to no avail. Just Remember There Is No Such Thing As Getting Rich Quick Unless You Win The Lottery! Most of them ended up costing me more money than I ever made that is if I made any money at all because I didn’t possess the right skills.
    • Gather You Some Knowledge And Training.
So before you decide to embark on your journey with either one of these types of businesses, you need to recognize the fact that you need to possess specific skills if you are ever going to succeed with either affiliate or network marketing. They both can be very lucrative with the right knowledge and skill set. You need to understand that you’re doing real business and businesses cost money to operate.
    • Don’t Quit Your Full-Time Job!
So if you still have a full-time job, I suggest that if you are interested in learning affiliate or network marketing. You invest some time and money into a place like wealthy affiliate where you can learn from in your spare time. You can sign up for a free trial of seven days to see that you are getting the value for your money.
    • You, Will, End Up Working Harder At The Beginning Than A 9 To 5 Job.
Affiliate marketing is different from your typical 9 to 5 job which you can expect to get paid every week if you do your job. With affiliate marketing, the reality is that you might not make any money for the first six months to a year while you are building traffic to your website. You will put in a lot of work and effort with minimal reward in the beginning.
    • Research Companies.
The same applies to network marketing that there is No Such Thing As Getting Rich Quick! But, with that said if you do your research and find a good company you can start making money pretty quickly just not vast amounts in the beginning. Some of the skills you learn with affiliate marketing you can apply in network marketing.
How To Pick A Network Marketing Company.
The way I typically pick a network marketing company is like choosing your niche website in affiliate marketing.
Look for a marketing company that is free to sign up for that sale product’s you are passionate about selling. It is a lot easier for you to make some money if you are excited about the products and they are of good quality.
Look for a company that gives you your own Free Personalized Website that you don’t have to create, you don’t have to update, you don’t have to maintain them, and no hosting fees.  All you have to do is share them with others!
I look for a company that my earnings don’t entirely depend on me recruiting and earning money from my downline for me to be able to make some money. I want a company where I can earn some money regardless of what my downline does. Which means being able to earn commissions off of my sales without people signing up.
I look for a company where I don’t have to purchase anything to participate and earn money as an option. But I also understand that unless I choose to either pay a monthly fee or buy a product for myself, I won’t be earning commissions from the people who decide to signup in my downline.
If you choose the right network marketing company and they have a good quality product, then there is nothing wrong with building a team beneath you because they are getting a quality product for there money. And if the product is good, the team will almost sign up on its own because they are getting something of value for their money.


What Is A Home Based Business You Can Start Free?

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I do both affiliate and network marketing. There are a lot of options out there, and as long as you do your research, you can find a legitimate company to work for an earn commissions. The number one thing for me is finding a company who offer products I care about promoting.
I am currently with a company called (CTFO) Changing The Future Outcome.
    • It is 100% free to sign-up.
    • Free personalized website.
    • No website fees.
    • You don’t have to purchase products and resale them.
    • You earn commissions off of the products people purchase.
    • Good quality products.
    • Returning customers.
    • You don’t have to purchase anything to earn commissions.
    • I only recruit people who are interested in buying the products anyway.
    • Yes, it is true the only way you earn commissions off of the people who do want to sign-up is with a monthly product purchase yourself.
    • You don’t have to deal with shipping and handling.
    • Get rich quick! No!
    • Make some extra money! Yes!
    • Earn residual income potential! Yes!
But as I stated up above you need to do your own, research and find the company which is right for you; if you want to learn how to work at home and make money online.
In Conclusion
There is one other significant difference between affiliate marketing and network marketing I thought I should mention. With affiliate marketing, you are always stuck behind a computer screen writing engaging content. Where-as with network marketing you have multiple options on selling the products and are not just stuck behind a computer all day every day.
With network marketing, you can make phone calls, talk to people in person while you are out on the town. Share your website with others including social media platforms. Either one of these could be the best way for stay at home moms to make money online or for you to make some extra income part-time.
I hope this article has been helpful in understanding some of the differences between affiliate and network marketing. I also hope you found some useful tips if you are trying to figure out how to work at home. Of course, there are many other ways and opportunities that you can do for a home-based business. So whatever kind of business venture or job you decide on I wish you the very best!

Sincerely Dale

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  1. Hey Dale, I loved your post and you made several good points within it. For one, yes people do have to take care of themselves because you’re also right in the regard that no one on the job cares about you or what you have going; just the means to their ends. Every supervisor I talk to during the week (I have 4 in all), I am reminded of why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and why I’m going to stay there until I get it right and make a boat load of cash because if we’re being honest here, people on the outside don’t have a plan except going back to school and hoping to get a better job doing the same thing. This is the time that makes millionaires or even thousandaires, roughly. The point is, your article is a shining example that people who start their own business are just plain ahead of everyone else. Great job, I’m thoroughly impressed with your passion and your straightforwardness in the article.

    1. Hey R.J., I apologize for it taking me so long to respond to you I got caught up in some family issues. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post.

      I was a supervisor for a lot of years at a sheet metal company and every new young person who started working for me I always asked them if they had an exit strategy. 

      I always tried to inspire the new hires to create a side income and follow their passions, dreams, and create a living outside of the company where they could one day end up living the life they choose instead of being a slave to a job.

      R.J. I appreciate the compliments! I have always tried to be Honest and Straightforward when talking to other people. I don’t want to ever intentionally, stir anyone down the wrong path but I will always encourage them to better themselves in whatever they decide to do in life. 

      Thanks for stopping by R.J.!

      Best wishes

      Sincerely Dale

  2. I have been apart of both industries as far as both affiliate marketing and network marketing are concerned. The one thing I didn’t like about network marketing was the idea of pitching my business to family and friends and possibly recruiting them.  There was always a risk of burning bridges. 

    I love affiliate marketing from the perspective that I don’t have to burn any bridges as my website is getting customers and sales from the search engines.

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for the comment!

      It sounds to me like you had some lousy team leaders in your Network Marketing experiences I have been there before too. But when you do it the right way, you won’t be burning any bridges with anyone.

      Network Marketing isn’t about some compensation plan, products, or services. It is about developing people and helping them to become the best they can be. It is about developing confidence, leadership skills, and a mindset for success. 

      As Zig Ziglar said: ” You can have everything in life you want If you will just help enough other people get what they want”

      Network Marketing isn’t about recruiting your family and friends into your business, and it’s not about who you Know it’s about who do they Know who might benefit from the products or services you offer. 

      Of course, with all of that being, said! You do need to have a product or service that you believe in and a company you can stand behind.

      I am in the process of creating a new website which deals with Network Marketing, and I intend to post some pieces of training about how to do network marketing the correct way.

      I too also enjoy Affiliate Marketing as I stated in my post, I do both.

      Best wishes in your continued success Jessie! 

      Sincerely Dale

  3. Hello Dale. I loved reading your article. You really made some great points. I myself am also a blogger and I still have this blog as my side job. I am expecting it to become a full time job, but i am not ready to quit my everyday job yet. 

    I loved how you described the process of making money online. That is all the magic behind it. Become and affiliate and do your best to earn by promoting.

    How much success you had with this blog?


    1. Hi Strahinja, 

      I am glad you enjoyed reading my article. I tried to make some valid points and to be as honest as I could. Yes, it is not a good idea to give up your job to soon, but hopefully, you will be able to in the future. Making money online as a blogger is a process, and it does take some time but keep pushing forward, and I have no doubt you will succeed.

      How much success have I had with my blog? 

      To answer your question and to be as honest with you as I can; I do make some money with my websites, but I make most of my money through Network Marketing instead of with Affiliate Marketing.

      This particular post is on the first page of Bing, and I have a few others on the first page of Google, so it is starting to get some traffic. But mostly my websites for me are more of a hobby than a job so I don’t work on them as much as I should.

      I find Network Marketing to be a lot easier for me if the company I am involved in offers good quality products that I can stand behind as well as training. I love the company and the products I am currently with. 

      I wish you much success in all you do!

      Sincerely Dale

  4. yes,  I have always wanted to make money from home and have a life good enough to care for my family,  everybody wants this freedom. Getting involved in affiliate or network marketing is one way to achieve this, and a lot of folks are getting paid by the day.  

    Finding the right type of training is an essential determinant in a successful affiliate or network marketing business and this I know for sure is best achieved with wealthy affiliates. 

    I have been part of it, and it is incredible. 

    1. Thanks for stopping by Olonisakin!

      I agree with you that I too have always wanted to find a way to work from home and create a good life for my family and me. I also agree that everybody wants this type of freedom, but most people aren’t willing to do what’s necessary to accomplish this task. 

      A lot of people I know would rather bitch and complain about a job or a co-worker they can’t stand rather than take the initiative to do something which could better their lives.

      Yes Olonisakin, finding the right training as well as having the right mental attitude is what can lead to success, but most people will never succeed unless they are willing to quit complaining about a job they hate and do something to improve their situation. 

      Best wishes my friend to your success!

      Sincerely Dale

  5. Thank you for such a detailed post about affiliate program. I have been working as a Software Engineer for nearly 10 years, I love programming but sometimes I feel like I am just helping the company’s owners chasing after their dreams. So reading your post has motivated me to continue to chase after my dream. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Jack, you are very welcome. I too loved the kind of work I did Jack, but all I ever did was make a living and not have a life. It is a funny thing getting older how we start to realize our time is getting shorter and how it starts to become more important to us than money.

      Yes, I know that we all need money to live on, but there are ways such as affiliate and network marketing we can do in our spare time which can eventually give us financial freedom and the time to enjoy life.

      You keep chasing after your dreams Jack and stay motivated, and I have confidence you will become successful.

      Best Wishes!


  6. I am a single mom with a toddler and would love to be a stay at home mom who is financially independent. I know that the way to have the flexibility and availability to be with my baby is to have a job working from home. My website is a year old and on its way to attracting thousands of viewers. I am slowly adding more content and using what I learned from Wealthy Affiliate in terms of SEO and keyword placement to build a great online empire. 

    I love my son and my whole world revolves around him. Working from home and earning money online is the ideal way for me to make a living that way I can give my son the childhood he deserves. If you have the motivation and ambition you really can earn money online. You can work at home by putting in a few hours a day. Its not so hard you just have to find a passion. That is what I am doing! 

    1. Hey Sophia, working from home is all about having the flexibility of time to spend with our families and doing the things we enjoy instead of being a slave to a traditional 9 to 5 job.

      Sophia, it sounds to me like you are well on your way to achieving your dreams of financial independence. I wish you continued success in your endeavors.

      A family is so important and having the time to be able to spend with them while they are young is a beautiful thing. Most of us trade our time for a job, and we miss out on watching our children grow up into adulthood. We look back a few years later and wonder what happened our children are all grown up.

      Yes, it is true Sophia that if you have the motivation, ambition, desire, and find your passion you can earn a living online but it seems a lot of people lack motivation these days which is unfortunate.

      Sophia, Keep reaching for your dreams and follow your Heart.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

  7. Working from your home still sounds like a fantasy land for most people. But the reality is working from home is possible and everyone can do it as long as they have the right mental attitude. Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest route to the destination. If you are a beginner then I will surely encourage you to give it a try. You will find it much easier to do it. 

    However, just like anything else you need to work hard, be patience, consistence and have the self-discipline to do the task. This way you can be a successful affiliate marketing business. Thanks for the post Dale. I really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Kuu, I think the biggest reason it sounds like a fantasy land for most people is because of all the get rich quick stuff you see all the time on social media.

      I think people are confused about what is a legitimate opportunity and what is not, and that is why I was compelled to write this post. I was hoping to be able to clear up a few things for people so that they could make an informed decision.

      As you said working from home is possible with the right mental attitude, focus, hard work, patience, and desire to achieve success in the online marketing world.

      Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, said it best in his video The Perfect Business where he talks about network marketing and how it can give an ordinary person with an above average desire and little money to create a business which can set them financially free.

      You are welcome Kuu, and I am happy you enjoyed my article.

      Best Wishes!

      Sincerely Dale

  8. Hi, Dale! Thank you very much for your post. It has taken me on a very interesting journey. While I was reading, I was first exploring why I want to work from home. And then, based on your experience, I started to make a decision between affiliate marketing and network marketing.

    I am convinced that working from home is for me. I agree with the advantages you present. And especially with time flexibility and the fact that work can be done from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a wifi signal. And reading about the options available has made me very excited.

    I would like your help in a couple of questions. I would like to explore network marketing. I live in Latin-America. Can I sign up for CTFO? Are there other network marketing companies you would recommend?

    And concerning affiliate marketing, are there geographical restrictions to sign up with a certain company to promote their products?

    For people living in Latin-America as I am, what would you recommend? Affiliate marketing or network marketing? I would appreciate if you could recommend a specific company to start working with. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Henry, you are very welcome.

      You hit the nail on the head Henry when you stated that you were trying to figure out WHY you want to work from home. Until you fully understand your reasons WHY you want to work from home the HOW doesn’t matter. Henry that is the first step in creating success for yourself.

      I am happy I could give you some options to think about, and I see that you are a person who is willing to take Action to become successful.

      I will do my best to answer your questions.

      Henry, I live in the U.S., and currently, CTFO is only available to people in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and Wales.

      But we are growing and expanding so it may be available to you in the future. I am sorry because I would love to have someone like you on my team. I would enjoy working with you and helping you succeed.

      Henry, I apologize, but I don’t know anything about Latin-America, but I am sure they’re some network marketing companies available for your area. Make sure you do your research and find a company which offers a product or service you are passionate about promoting.

      I will give you some advice though. When you find a network marketing company you are interested in working at, find out who the owners are and what they have done business-wise in the past.

      Have the owners been successful in multiple businesses? 
      How long did they work at each company?
      Do they have good morals, values, and business ethics?

      Henry, if you are serious about wanting to learn Network Marketing. I will tell you The 5 Basic Core Principles You Need To Master For Network Marketing:

      The first one you have already figured out.

      1- Your Reasons Why You Want To Work From Home.
      2- Launching Your Business The Right Way.
      3- Mastering a 4 Step Recruiting Process. Most people call it a 2 step process but I call it a 4 step process.
      4- Mastering Lead Generation.
      5- Developing A Simple Customer Service System.

      I can’t go into a lot of detail about each one of these here or I would have to write another post, but they are not that difficult to master.

      If you do decide to join a network marketing company and you don’t have a good upline leader to teach you these principles I would be happy to help you out.

      Henry, the questions you have about affiliate marketing and geographical restrictions. Your best bet since you are a member at wealthy affiliate would be to ask those questions there. I am sure; we have other members from Latin-America who would be better qualified to answer your questions better than I.

      Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing?

      It is just a matter of preference Henry. Go back and read my pros and cons and see which one sounds more appealing to you.

      Even though I couldn’t answer all of your questions, I hope that I gave you enough information to be able to make an informed decision for yourself.

      Best Wishes!


      1. Thank you very much Dale. Your post and now your answer have been very useful! I’ll do some research and probably have to come back and continue asking you a couple of questions, if you don’t mind. Thank you in advance! Keep well!

        1. Hi Henry, I am sorry that I couldn’t answer the questions you had about Latin-America, but hopefully, I gave you some advice you could find useful.

          Feel free to ask me anything Henry I will do my best to give you Honest advice.

          You take care as well!

          Sincerely Dale

  9. I really like your post.  It is awesome and honest information about both affiliate marketing and network marketing.You clearly point out the cons of both affiliate marketing and network marketing.  I have not seen many people who are pointing out these cons, most people just stick to the pros, and do not list many cons at all.  There is a lot of hard work involved and for people who want to get rich quick with little work this is not going to be what they are looking for.

    1. Hey Shy, thank you for the beautiful compliments. I always try to be Honest and Upfront with everyone I meet.

      I, get so sick and tired of people spouting off get rich quick! Make an extra $1000 a week! Just signup now! That sort of nonsense is precisely what gives people the wrong idea about network marketing and building a business with this model.

      They’re definitely pros and cons to both types of businesses as with any other kind of business you get yourself involved with, and they all require you to take Action in order to become successful.

      Shy, both of these businesses can create life-changing incomes but if someone is looking to get rich quick; They are better off sticking to playing the Lottery!

      Shy, I wish you much success!

      Sincerely Dale

  10. Thanks Dale for this very informative post. I know affiliate marketing quite a but, but have no clue about network marketing. Now I know a little more. It’s good to hear, that not all of the network companies are frauds. You pointed out well all pros and cons that come with both systems. So, everybody can choose, what fits best for his personality. Network marketing seems interesting, only I still wouldn’t know, how to find a trustworthy and good company. Do these companies also provide a sales training for their members?     

    1. Hi Felix, yes affiliate and network marketing are entirely different, but they do have some similarities. I found that I could use some of the training I learned from affiliate marketing and apply it to network marketing.

      Felix, I hate the fact network marketing has such a bad name, but they brought it upon themselves by not teaching people the correct way to advertise their business opportunity.

      Also, people are going off of hearsay instead of thinking for themselves, an educating themselves, about the business model. Yes, there were some companies back in the day that was pyramid schemes which didn’t offer a product or service they just took your money.

      Finding a good network marketing company Felix; is just like finding a good affiliate marketing program. You have to do your research. There are still good, and bad, companies out there just like with any type, of business. Just like there are good, and bad people, in this world. 

      Most Network Marketing companies have a weekly training webinar. The webinars I have listened to and set in on mostly all say the same things. Just sign everyone up! I don’t agree with that philosophy. In my opinion, this is why network marketing has gotten a bad name.

      So, I would prefer to train my recruits myself and teach them how to Launch their business the correct way unless the company you choose has a great upline leader and mentor to follow.

      Best Wishes Felix!

      Sincerely Dale

  11. This was a really interesting article for the newbies I feel it would really get them thinking. I say this because you point out the differences between two different business model affiliate marketing and network marketing. Which you even mention you will not  get you rich quick you have to put in work to get your ROI then profits. 

    Also I never heard of the network marketing company you mentioned here sounds interesting I will have to go back and look at your link about it. Wealthy affiliate is a good company I like them and believe anybody that wants to blog would definitely benefit from WA.

    I agree MLMs or network marketing get real bad raps and to be honest me personally I don’t have any reason in doubting those types of companies. The only time I will is if they really aren’t worth your time or money you know?

    This is a really good post with some good information which has me thinking a little bit. Not really in the way of some would say the Shiny Object syndrome. Since I do have only two programs I promote and sticking them two since I don’t see the point in switching another because of how good the product looks.

    It gives me more ideas to write about on my own site but in a good way plus this information will help anybody that comes across it. 

    Thanks for the share I hope the best 


    1. Hi Matt, thank you! My intentions for this article was to educate people about the differences between affiliate and network marketing mainly because most people have a misconception about network marketing and automatically assume they are all scams because of what they hear instead of what they know and learn for themselves.

      I also wanted to point out to everyone that there is no magic bullet for creating success in either one of these business models other than persistence and hard work. You have to take Action on a consistent basis daily to ever achieve the level of success you desire.

      If all a person wants to be able to do is make a couple of hundred dollars extra a month, I wouldn’t recommend either one of these business models. There are a lot of easier ways to make a couple of hundred extra a month. You could buy stuff at wholesale prices and resale it on eBay for example.

      But if a person is looking to replace there current 9 to 5 job and create a home-based business with life-changing residual income; then I would recommend either one of these businesses. Where else can you start a business in most cases for less than $500?

      Affiliate and Network Marketing businesses give people with an above average desire to create an above average income with very little investment. But they need to understand it is either a 1 to 3-year plan or a 3 to 5-year plan; Not get rich overnight!

      Is Affiliate or Network Marketing for everyone? Absolutely Not. Most people are not willing to put in the time or effort it takes to create financial freedom. They would rather continue to complain about there job and current situation than to take Action to improve their lives.

      I think that the biggest reason most people are afraid to try to create financial freedom is FEAR of Failure. FEAR has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.

      Matt, I joined CTFO Marketing Company for several different reasons which I won’t get into here because I don’t want to sound like I am trying to convince anyone to join my company.

      If someone takes a look at my company and decides for themselves they want to join; I will be happy to have them on my team. I will support them and provide training and help if they wish.

      I agree with you Matt that Wealthy Affiliate is a good company and a great place to learn the affiliate marketing business model.

      Thank you Matt for the compliments I appreciate it very much. I am happy you found it helpful and gave you some ideas to write about for your website.

      Best Wishes to you Matt!

      Sincerely Dale

  12. This is an interesting comparison between affiliate marketing and network marketing. I have done both and they both definitely have their upsides and their downsides. I think that network marketing is looked down upon much worse than affiliate marketing. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not! 

    I’m glad you were able to find your way to both and see what works for you. I found that I was able to use my affiliate marketing skills to help with my network marketing. However, I ended up with just doing affiliate marketing because of one reason. I’m an introvert and i LOVE being behind my computer! lol

    So, I do think network marketing can be awesome for people who love chatting with others. It’s definitely not impossible if you don’t, I just didn’t personally enjoy it as much as I enjoy affiliate marketing! 

    Which one do you prefer? 

    1. Hey Christina, yes Network Marketing is looked down upon much worse than Affiliate Marketing. I think the biggest reasons why is because of the marketing techniques used by the majority of people because of poor up-line leadership who are not teaching new recruits how to market and launch their business the right way.

      So, the new recruits are going out into the marketplace touting get rich quick nonsense because they think that is how it is supposed to be done. And so people in return assume it is a scam because smart people know that there is no such thing as getting rich quick.

      I also used my Affiliate Marketing skills which I learned here at WA to help me with Network Marketing. Neither Network or Affiliate Marketing is for everyone if you don’t know your reasons why you want to do either one.

      I too am an introvert as you mentioned except I can’t stand being behind a computer all that much and I can talk to anybody if it is something that I am passionate about sharing with other people. LOL

      Yes, Christina, either one of these types of businesses can potentially give a person financial freedom if they are willing to put in the work to get there. Which most people even though they might not be happy with their 9 – 5 jobs aren’t willing to do anything other than complain about it without taking any sort of action to change their circumstances.

       Which one do I prefer?

      That is a hard question to answer Christina.
      I like different aspects of both types of marketing.
      I enjoy Affiliate Marketing when I have the time to research and work on my websites, but I am not one who knows how to take breaks when I am in the zone. So, therefore, my back and neck start hurting because I don’t have enough stopping sense until I finish what I start.

      With Network Marketing I enjoy the fact I can still be working on my business when I am visiting someone, out and about in town, or where ever I might find myself. I can send postcards, business cards, drop cards, brochures, phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, newspaper ads, etc. I just have many more options than just sitting behind a computer.

      I hope this somewhat answers your question, Christina. Bottom line is it just depends on someone’s comfort zone and whether or not they are willing to step outside of the box. LOL!

      I wish you much success!
      Sincerely Dale

  13. Very inspired by the definition of a life and making a living, surely, as long as you are employed, its very difficult to live a life you want. What you can do is earning enough money to pay bills and other expenses, that is the plain truth.

    I have been scammed online three times, but that was all but lessons I can say that because I have learnt so much and I now know what an online scam look like.

    I just signed up with Wealthy Affiliate, you recommended above, what I like is, it is affordable and has no those unnecessary upsells. At $49 monthly its very affordable considering the tools that I have seen. Plus, I Like the fact that  as a starter,  I can use some of the tools on the platform for free. I will be using the free course for sometime and I will definitely upgrade as time goes.

    Thank you so much  

    1. Hi Ngonidzashe, it seems that when you are employed all you ever do is trade your precious, valuable time for money. As I stated in my article, I made good money as a supervisor, and it bought me all of the things I needed in life such as food, clothes, transportation and a roof over my head but that is making a living. Not a life!

      Even though I had four weeks of paid vacation a year, I could only take one week each quarter. One week is not enough time to hardly go anywhere of any distance and relax and enjoy yourself. The only way to have the life that you want to live is to create financial freedom.

      I won’t say that I have been scammed, but I definitely didn’t choose the right companies to work with. One company I was involved with was all about up-selling and trying to sign-up all of your family members. The other companies products weren’t as good as advertised.

      But like you said I learned from my mistakes!

      Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best investments I have ever made when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing. The value you get is well worth the $49 a month.

      Being that you are a new member to Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to take a moment and welcome you and wish you all the best. Just follow all of the great trainings, and you will do just fine.

      Sincerely Dale

  14. This is a great article.  You are right about the two choices and everyone is going to have a difference of opinion.  I tend to stay far away from the Network Marketing and stick to affiliate marketing.  My biggest factor is every single network company pushes you to sell to friends and family first.  My friends and family got sick of me pretty quick.  Also, with Affiliate marketing I do get away from the computer.  I have a website about diabetes and one about grandparents.  I talk to a lot of people about my passions and send them to my websites.  All in all its what someone loves and what they make of it.

    1. Hi Dale, thank you for the kind compliment. I always do my best, to be honest, and upfront with people.

      Yes, we all have differences of opinions which is a good thing. I understand your reluctance to Network Marketing the first two companies I ever joined was the same way as you mentioned about selling to friends and family first.

      But in my opinion that comes from not having a good upline leader. I can honestly say that I am not too enthusiastic about the upline leaders I have in the company I am with now, but that doesn’t make the company necessarily bad. Just bad leaders!

      So I decided to find my on, mentor; and even though he isn’t in the same company as I am he has earned multi-millions of dollars in the network marketing industry and has taught hundreds of others to do the same with a duplicating system.

      He teaches five core principles! Which in turn I teach the people on my team how to do the same, and they teach the people who they sign-up.

      One last thing is it’s not about the people you know, it’s about who they know who might be either interested in your business, products, or service. Network Marketing doesn’t have to be done in a sleazy kind of way. It can be done very professionally if done right.

      I see we do share something in common. I have a Health Page on Facebook where I help people with Cancer, Diabetes, and a lot of other Health Issues with Natural Alternatives which is my passion as well.

      I sincerely wish you the very best and a lot of success!

      Sincerely Dale

  15. Working from home is especially great for a mother of 4 like me. When my children were young I spent those years with them and didn’t have time to build a career. Now I have found Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t need years of experience to join. And I can work any hour of the day. It’s a great experience. 

    1. Hey Juliet, I agree working from home is a great way for mothers to earn an income and not have to leave the kids either in daycare or an after-school program which costs a fortune these days.

      Best wishes!


  16. I can vouch for wealthy affiliate as well. I am still a bit of a newbie with website building and content writing but I am very satisfied with the training and support I have received. In just a couple of months I have created a website, written about 15 different articles in my niche and have been steadily moving through the training. I have also started prompting my content on several social platforms.

    It really is an excellent platform! And the best part is you can join for free and there is no pressure to upgrade. I upgraded only because I was so impressed, I didn’t feel prodded by marketing schemes at all.

    1. Hey Mariah, I, totally agree; Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be if a person wants to learn affiliate marketing and how to build a niche website. The training is the best.

      Mariah, stick to all of the lessons here at WA, and you will learn so much about this online business world. It sounds to me like you are off to a good start already.

      Once I signed up for the free seven-day trial nearly three years ago now, it didn’t take me but about two days to know I was at the right place to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

      Mariah, keep up the great work and keep reaching for the stars.

      Best wishes!


  17. Thanks for sharing this great opportunity on how to be self dependent.With network marketing, I can make calls, talk to people in person while i am  out on the town. Is good enough to work at home most especially on affiliate marketing, i will be able to do what ever i think can make me earn more money without passing any difficulties. Also, i don’t have to purchase on any website and i don’t have to pay any money to people. Thanks for giving information about this self realize.  

    1. Hey Barakat, you are so very welcome. Yes, Network Marketing has many different ways you can promote your business without being stuck behind a computer screen most of the time.

      With Network Marketing you can talk to people on the phone or while you are out in public. You can do Social Media Post, Business Cards, Mail out Brochures, Craiglist, Newspaper Ads, Flyers, Drop Cards, Car Magnets, Yard Signs, (Bandit Signs) Festivals, and so forth.

      Like I said in my article, both affiliate and network marketing both have pros and cons. It is just a matter of preference and figuring out which one will work the best for you and your situation.

      I wish you great success!

      Sincerely Dale

  18. Hi Dale, what an awesome, well-rounded post. I loved your pros and cons lists and was nodding my head all the way. Because I’m working from home and I’ve been involved in both industries – Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. 

    I also learned Affiliate Marketing through Wealthy Affiliate and I’m just starting to see passive income through this month, with my first 2 Premium Sales.  Woohoo!

    On the MLM side, yes, I unfortunately have experienced loss of business due to the shutdown of a network marketing company.  Yet, like you, I still believe in the industry.  I made a decision after that happened to only get involved with solid, high profile companies that have been in business for many years. (I’m currently with Nu Skin Enterprises).  

    I hadn’t come across CTFO yet although I’ve been hearing a lot of chat on Facebook about CBD oil. Unfortunately, where I live (in South Africa), CBD oil has been scheduled, so I would have to be a Pharmacist in order to be allowed to sell it here.  It sounds like a fabulous product though, wishing you all the best with your new venture.

    1. Hey Lauren, I appreciate your kind words. I always try to be Honest and Straightforward with people. I have seen over the years to many people touting get rich quick nonsense that it sickens me to the point I just felt like I needed to say something.

      Everyone wants to make it sound so easy on Social Media! (“Just signup and make hundreds or thousands of dollars a week!”) You can make that kind of money with either one of these business models, but no one wants to be honest about what it takes to get there.

      I am so happy for you Lauren hearing that your hard work and efforts are finally starting to pay off. Congratulations!

      Lauren when I first started with Network Marketing I lost more money than I ever made not because of the company shutting down but because the products weren’t as good as advertised. But a person does need to be aware of that risk because it does happen sometimes.

      I know the company you are with Nu Skin has been around for quite a while now and seems to be a good company. I decided to join CTFO for several reasons even though it has only been in business for about three years now instead of joining one of the others.

      First of all the owners are Christian people and have good Moral Backgrounds. Secondly, I am into Natural Alternatives when it comes to Health, and I work with people all the time with Health Issues. Lastly is because the products work and are of good quality.

      Thank you for your well wishes, Lauren, I appreciate it, and I also wish you continued success.

      Sincerely Dale

      1. Hi Dale,
        I like your honest, straightforward approach.
        So sorry to hear about your first experience in Network Marketing. Well done for getting back on the horse, and choosing one you trust. Sounds like you have every reason to succeed in your new company.
        I also love natural alternatives to health. It’s so awesome selling a product that you believe in, especially when you see the transformation it can have on people’s health and wellbeing.
        I’ve been involved with 2 Nutritional Supplement companies and seen amazing results. I’ve literally seen people with HIV and Cancer able to get off their deathbed and thrive again. It was awe-inspiring. Meeting people who have life-changing results makes all the hard work worth it.

        1. Hey Lauren, Thank you I always try to be Honest and Straightforward with everyone. No need to be sorry I learned from my experience, and it taught me to find something I am passionate about to promote.

          Lauren, I have a natural alternative health page on facebook look me up sometime I would be happy to see you there. I work to help people with Cancer, Diabetes, and a lot of other health issues. You are correct in saying how awesome it is when you can see the transformation in peoples health and wellbeing.

          I love hearing amazing results and it so awe-inspiring as you say.

          Warm Wishes!

          Sincerely Dale

  19. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post on how to work at home and earn money.For sure, i didn’t know the difference between network and affiliate marketing but after reading your post i now know the difference between the two. I found out the benefits and challenges to start one of the two types of marketing.

    It is very crucial to know what i am doing without confusing what i am doing.

    I get much through this post.

    1. Hey Julienne, my pleasure and I am happy I could be of service in explaining the differences between Affiliate and Network Marketing.

      There are many benefits as well as challenges to both types of business models, but with that said with the right kind of training a person can create life-changing financial freedom with either one of these types of businesses.

      Thank you for your kindness Julienne, and I am glad you got something out of this post.
      I wish you much success!

      Sincerely Dale

  20. I think you have “hit the nail on the head” – Wealthy Affiliate is the answer to getting to grips with Internet Marketing.

    With the amount of people worldwide who have access to the internet these days this is certainly the way forward.

    I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for over five years and I can certainly endorse what you say about them.

    1. Hi David, I, personally like Wealthy Affiliate as well, and it is some of the best money I have ever spent on training anywhere. I have learned so much about the online business world since joining nearly three years ago.

      I agree with what you said about the number of people worldwide who have access to the internet. If a person is sick and frustrated with their boss and a typical 9 to 5 job the internet is undoubtedly the way forward.

      So many people are searching for a way out and a better way of life, but fear for whatever reason holds them back from taking action. But with the right kind of training, you can learn to be successful in either Affiliate or Network Marketing. But you have to get off the couch and take action!

      Best wishes to you David
      Sincerely Dale

  21. Dedication and motivation are very important. Yes, get rich quick is enticing but never exists. Making your own money online takes hard work, I think you need to love what you’re doing and truly believe in what you can accomplish, and in time it will happen.

    Learning is also really important too, if you are not learning anything, how can you expect to make money or improve whatever business you are attempting to create.

    1. Hi Ty, yes everything we do in life requires learning, dedication, and motivation ever to succeed in whatever path we choose to take. I too believe in loving whatever it is you are doing. As Confucius and many others have said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,”

      I appreciate the comment, Ty and I wish you every success life has to offer.
      Sincerely Dale

  22. Affiliate marketing and Network marketing are very different. Your post points out the differences very well.

    I am an affiliate marketer and stay away from MLM, mostly as you stated due to the bad reputation of unscrupulous companies that have taken advantage of members. It seems like the risk of being scammed is higher in MLM than in affiliate marketing. However, I just think that it is easier to spot them and avoid them if you watch for the red flags. Maybe that’s just me.

    Pyramid schemes are illegal for very good reason. Only the people who initiate the scheme make money, everyone who joins later loses.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to learn how to set up and run an online affiliate marketing website. 

    Thanks for the great information.

    1. Hi Ed, yes affiliate and network marketing are very different in a lot of ways, but it is just like everything else in life. There are good and bad companies as well as people no matter what type of business you are doing or working for; it is up to us to know and understand the who and what of things.

      I agree with you Ed, about the risk of being scammed is higher in MLM than in affiliate marketing; I think that it is mainly because of the way other people treat it. They don’t treat it as a business!

      Most of the network marketing companies don’t have good leaders, and they tell every new recruit just to go out, and sign-up everybody. I personally don’t want everybody brought into my business. Not everyone is a good fit for my company.

      I interview people just like I would if it was a regular 9-5 job to see if they are willing to learn and follow a proven step by step system. If they are not, I don’t want to bring them into my business. Or I won’t waste my time trying to help them to achieve success.

      I also agree with you Ed that Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to learn how to set up and run an online affiliate marketing website. I appreciate your time, and I wish you the best.

      Sincerely Dale

  23. The information was laid out in an easy to read format and learned of a new multi-level marketing company that you had mentioned. I am going to look into the MLM company you have recommended further with the link provided.

    Was unaware that there are free MLM companies out there…

    Thanks Dale for the great article and I am looking forward to learning more from your website with you up and coming content.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the comment and the compliments.

      I personally like CTFO because the products work and are helping a lot of my clients with their health issues. So it is a win-win for me being able to help people and make some money at the same time. And yes it is free to join!

      You’re welcome and thanks again.
      Sincerely Dale

  24. Hi Dale, how are you? Thanks for this very complete article. I’m trying affiliate marketing and it’s true that it takes a lot of work, especially when you’re just starting, because as you said, there is nothing like a program that makes you rich quick, everything requires dedication and above all time.

    MLM I do not like personally, it may be because I had tried with some companies and I did not do anything right, at the moment I am very happy with affiliate marketing.Pao

    1. Hey Paola, I am very well thanks for asking, and I hope you are as well.
      Paola, everything in life requires work whether it is a relationship, raising a family, a job, or a home-based business. I don’t know why or how anyone would ever think they can make a lot of money without putting for the effort to do so.

      There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, and I don’t mind putting in the hard work as long as I see my efforts starting to pay off at some point.

      I also can relate and understand your position about network marketing (MLM) because I too have tried a few in the past and didn’t do anything right either. But thankfully I learned from my mistakes. It is just like with affiliate marketing you have got to find the right mentor and the right products or niche to get behind.

      Paola, I wish you incredible success with all of your online ventures.

      Sincerely Dale

  25. Fascinating! I’ve never joined a Network Marketing program, but they really haven’t looked very appealing to me before. CTFO actually looks like a products I’d be happy to buy and sell. I already do work for myself writing online all day, and you’re right to point out that being trapped behind a computer is a down-side to affiliate marketing. You just have to plan to take a run every day! And it’s best to have a dog that will remind you if you forget. 🙂

    1. Hello, Happy Skywalker, to be honest with you I have joined a few Network Marketing Companies in the past that I failed at miserably. But just like anything else, you learn from your past mistakes.

      I don’t blame the companies I blame myself because I had the wrong ideas when it came to network marketing. I thought it was about getting every friend and family member involved. But now I have learned the correct way of doing things and treating it like the business that it is.

      CTFO is an excellent company with fantastic products. My customers swear by it and continue to re-order because of the benefits they have been receiving.

      Setting behind a computer all day has always been the toughest part for me with affiliate marketing, but I do enjoy it as well at times. I like your idea about having a dog to remind you to take a break now and then. I might need to get myself a pet.

      Thanks for stopping by
      Sincerely Dale

  26. How to work at home and earn money online will take a lot of people to the next level.

    Thank you for this wonderful article I really love how you give anyone the chance looking to learn affiliate marketing and network marketing the opportunity to learn all there is to know and be successful. And change everything they’ve known about the network marketing world by introducing how to work at home and earn money online.

    This was a very informative article I really appreciate all the great information you gave and keep up the good work.

  27. This is great post about earning money online. I can say that it is not easy at all to earn money online but it is not impossible too. Just like you said, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn real money and it is worth trying. My question is how much traffic you should except at 12th month mark?

    1. Hi Daniel, thank you for the compliment I appreciate it, and I tried to keep the article as honest as possible. No, it is not an easy task in learning how to make money online. But Daniel you are definitely in the right place here at Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

      There is no easy way of answering your question Daniel, but I will try and help you out. A lot depends on you and how you are driving traffic to your website. Are you using and leveraging long-tailed keywords, all of the Social media sites, and consistently creating engaging content on regular bases? If you are it is only a matter of time.

      As Kyle always says content is king. Once you start getting traffic to your website, it is also a matter of keeping them coming back for more by consistently writing new and helpful content. Continually writing content has always been the hardest part for me with affiliate marketing while trying to work a full-time job.

      But if it is your passion Daniel you hang in there, and you will achieve success. Just continue to learn everything you can from all of the training at WA.

      Best wishes!

  28. I never put the two together network marketing + mlm I had alway thought they were different. Thanks to your great explanation I learned a lot from your article. I am in affiliate marketing and it just goes to show we have much to learn everyday. Thank you for such a wonderful breakdown of the two business models.

    1. Hi Cathy, I am glad I could be of service explaining the different types of marketing. I too am an affiliate marketer as well as a network marketer. I enjoy both types of business models as long as you have good companies to work with and learn from.

      Sincerely Dale

  29. Hi, Dale,

     This is an honest truth about these businesses. Many people have lost lots of money searching for the way to make extra money staying at home. Your post is motivational and encouraging. Your advice which said “in whatever choice either affiliate or Network Marketing you make” check well before going into it is the best advice for this type of business online. In truth to stuck in front of a computer can be very tiring but as you said it is just in the beginning but one will enjoy later if it starts to move.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hey Bibian, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I always try to be as honest as I can with everyone I encounter, so I appreciate the compliments.

      Yes, no matter which one or both you decide to do it always pays to check out the company first and make an informed decision. There is way, to many get rich claims out there which I am not looking to get involved with. I don’t mind hard work if the company is one I can get behind and trust and the products are of good quality and work as claimed.

      Bibian, that is the hardest part for me in affiliate marketing sitting in front of the computer for long periods. My back and neck start hurting after a while, but it is hard to stop writing and take a break when you are on a roll and in the zone.

      Both kinds of marketing can create financial freedom if one is willing to put the time and effort in to make them successful.

      Best wishes to you Bibian!
      Sincerely Dale

  30. Hi Dale. Thank you for your very informative article on affiliate marketing and Network marketing. I don’t know a lot about affiliate marketing but it does sound very interesting and something I’d love to get involved with. However, I do know a fair bit about Network, or MLM marketing. I have been involved with several well known MLM companies. This system just doesn’t work for me. It may for some others. I think if I had of stayed in it I would have lost many friends and relatives. Also, I got so many negative views and threats from people  within groups I had joined that I had to leave for stress reasons. I’d much prefer to build a wen site and create a passive income. So I definitely will be looking for this But each to their own. All the best. Jim

    1. Hi Jim, I appreciate the comment. As I stated at the beginning of my post, I do both types of marketing. The hardest thing for me with affiliate marketing is trying to continually write up a new article and try to work a full-time job also. But I do very much so enjoy it when I have the chance.

      I have tried a few different network marketing companies in the past, and like you, I couldn’t make them work for me. Or the product or service wasn’t as good as it claimed. I also understand about the friends and family, but finally, I found a good company with great products and I figured out what I was doing wrong in the past.

      I wasn’t treating it like a JOB! I was trying to sign up everybody because I bought into the get rich quick nonsense, and I wasn’t listening to the right people. Nowadays I interview people to see if they would be a good fit for my company and my team because not everyone is and I understand that now.

      So it’s not just about signing everyone up it’s about finding the right people at the right time in their lives who are ready to take a chance and make a change as well as work for their financial freedom and to help them achieve their goals. Because like Zig Ziglar said. “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

      You are correct though Jim! Network marketing is not for everyone, and neither is Affiliate marketing. (LOL.) It’s just a matter of figuring out what will work for you.

      Thanks again, Jim!
      I wish you great success!

      Sincerely Dale

  31. I am still new to this I feel even after training for the past few weeks. I got some new insight on the network marketing, I believe I am going to try that too. Wealthy Affiliate I also recommend to anyone that has the desire and drive to start an online business, I am currently a premium member and I feel it was the best move this old cook has made sense attending graphic design courses online. 

    Thank you for the great pointers on network marketing, I am looking into it tonight!!

    1. Hi Stacie, thanks for the comment. There is no harm in doing both Stacie. The biggest challenge with network marketing is finding the right products you can be excited about promoting. Just do your homework and don’t pay to much attention to all of these people claiming to make hundreds and thousands of dollars a week.

      They may very well be making that kind of money, but they make it sound so easy when in fact there is quite a bit of work involved to make that type of money weekly. 

      I personally, love wealthy affiliate and all of the people there and all of the training.

      Here is a video by Robert Kiyosaki I edited to remove all of the promotions you might enjoy if you would like to learn more about network marketing.

      You are very welcome Stacie!
      I wish you the very best in life!

      Sincerely Dale

  32. Hi Lynne, you are very welcome I am happy that I could help you to understand the differences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing affiliate marketing it takes time just like MLM or network marketing. Yes, Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware have all been around for many years. Lynne, it just depends on the product or service you are representing how well you can casually bring it up to people.

    For example, let’s say it is a weight loss or a health product you are promoting and using and when you run into someone you know, and they tell you. Wow, you look great! What have you been doing to lose the weight or you look like you feel great? Then that is when you tell them about the product and that you have a website where they can purchase it from and also can become a distributor of the product if they choose too.

    Lynne if you have a product or service you are getting great results from it is not that hard to chitchat with people when they notice the difference in the way you look or feel and they want to know what you are doing. Or when you are out shopping, and you hear someone talking about losing weight or wanting to feel better.

    As I stated at the beginning of this post, I do both affiliate and network marketing. I am not trying to sway you in any way, but I have made more money with network marketing mainly because I found some products that I am passionate about promoting which have been getting great results with the people who are using the products which in turn gives me repeat customers.

    I promote my MLM company online in Facebook groups who are looking for work at home opportunities as well as doing classified ads in Newspapers, Craigslist, Phone calls, Business cards, and sometimes even sending letters with brochures inside them of the products I offer. But I also interview people to see if they have an entrepreneurial mindset because you don’t just want to sign-up just anyone in your business. I want people who are willing to work it as a business and help others as well as make an income.

    Lynne both affiliate and network marketing both take time to make that residual income. Neither one of them are a get rich quick venture, and as long as you don’t get caught up in the hype and lies and treat them both as the business, they are you will be fine doing either one.

    Lynne, I hope this response was helpful!
    Sincerely Dale

  33. Thank you, I now understand what a MLM is! I have heard the term but just wasn’t quite putting it together in my head. I am currently trying the affiliate marketing route and it does take a lot of time! But no one told me it would be easy or quick to earn money. Hopefully over time and as I keep writing that good content, it will start earning some money. I had never realized that companies like Avon and Tupperware were MLMs. I’m not the type of person to go out and chitchat with people and casually bring up the product I’m representing so I’m not sure if an MLM would be right for me unless I could do it solely on the computer. Do you think there are some out there like that?

  34. As someone who has tried and failed a few times at MLM companies, I can happily say that I am so grateful for the day I discovered affiliate marketing. Personally I did not like the salesy stuff of the MLM, and I am much more comfortable with the affiliate route. Now I know it is not a get rich over night method, but that is OK. I really wanted to learn something, and the WA platform has given me the training to succeed and continues to do so on a daily basis. 

    Thanks for sharing your review! 

    1. Hey Moody Mom, I can relate with having tried and failed a few times with MLM companies. I can say that I tried and failed a few times with affiliate marketing also. But I did learn from my mistakes, and I owe it to wealthy affiliates training. With the teachings I received here at WA I learned that I needed to find a product or service that I could be passionate about and get behind.

      I am not a salesperson myself, so I understand what you mean. But what I have learned about MLM companies and with the right mentor, it doesn’t have to be done in an uncomfortable sleazy way. If you treat it like the real business that it is an interview people instead of just trying to recruit them; the way you would before you hire them just like any other job you can do it professionally, and everyone can win.  

      You are correct neither one either affiliate or network marketing is a get rich overnight method, but both are attainable.

      Yes always keep learning. I myself am a lifetime student, and I agree with you that the WA platform is a wonderful place to learn.

      So keep your eye on the prize and learn as much as you can.

      You’re welcome!
      Sincerely Dale

  35. Hi Dale,

    I really like your pros and cons of each affiliate marketing, network marketing and working at home.

    I think a pro you left out of affiliate marketing is once you build out a website with lots of content, that website is YOUR property, you own it, but I guess a lot does depend on how well you keep getting ranked in the search engines.

    Not much point in having a website with no traffic. I’m posting about an article a day to my Christianity blog and waiting for some traffic, but it will happen, just have to be patient and keep working hard.

    1. Hey Alexander,
      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. There are always pros and cons to any job we decide to do in life. With a traditional job you are pretty much guaranteed a paycheck, but then you have to deal with a boss or other co-workers.

      I did sheet metal fabrication work for over 30 years, and I always enjoyed the type of work I did taking a flat piece of metal punching holes in it and forming it into something nice when finished. But what I hated about the job was all of the drama, gossip, and politics.

      Alexander, you are correct about affiliate marketing because when you buy your domain name, you own it. It is your business that you are building and the success entirely depends on you. Where-as with network marketing you don’t actually own the business you are more of an investor in the company. But success still depends on you.

      It sounds to me like you are a dedicated person in building your business so keep up the good work and I wish you every success.

      Sincerely Dale

  36. This was the same question which I used to ask about 4 years from now. I was finding it a bit difficult for finding a descent job due many factors in the place I live. I started getting frustrated and then I decided I should do something on my own and internet was the best platform I could use. I worked hard and today I am a successful blogger, own 3 successful websites and earn well through affiliate marketing. According to me today internet is one of the best platforms available for everyone and moreover here you have the freedom to write on your field of interest or passion which anyone would love the most, all it takes is patience.

    1. Hey Hari,
      I appreciate you stopping by. I think a lot of us for whatever the reasons may be are looking for a way out of the traditional 9-5 job. You touched on the two critical points stating that you worked hard and you need to have the patience to become successful. It seems most people think that they can get rich without putting in the work.

      A lot of people either sign-up for this program or that program and think they are going to make a lot of money without putting in any efforts. But we both know that isn’t the reality of things. To become successful whether it is an affiliate or network marketing company you have to do the work for your business to grow successfully. Building a successful business takes time, hard work, and patience but it is so worth it in the end.

      Sincerely Dale

  37. Hello Dale,

    Your work life was exactly like mine. I worked 30 miles from my place and travelled back and forth over the same highway for 10 years. Man I hated that.

    Working from home is the only way to work. Affiliate marketing or MLM, they both have there difference, but find what works for you. I agree find your niche.

    I like the idea of the CBD product that has great potential. I will definitely look into that.

    Very informative post.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hey Jimmy,
      Yes, indeed it sounds like we had much in common. I also had to drive 30 miles to work every day except that I did it for 25 years. I don’t miss that commute not one bit! I just recently retired from my company, and I do enjoy being able to work from home.

      It is true, Affiliate, and Network Marketing does have their differences, but either one or both can earn you a residual income. I started learning Affiliate Marketing a few years ago when I was still working a full-time job. I also tried a few MLM companies that were failures for me because I chose the wrong product to promote. But I learned from my mistakes!

      What I learned about Network marketing from my earlier mistakes is to choose a product which will give you repeat customers if you want to earn a residual income.

      I chose the CBD Oil Products because I am very passionate about helping people with their Health issues by using Natural Alternatives. I created a Natural Alternatives Health Page on Facebook where I help people with all kinds of Health issues. So as you can see the CBD Products fits into what I am Passionate about anyway.

      I have always known that CBD Oil had a lot of health benefits to it and can help with a lot of different issues. But Jimmy as you said earlier, you have got to find the right company for you. If you find something you are passionate about you will eventually find a way to earn a living from it.

      Best wishes to you Jimmy, and thanks for stopping by!

      Sincerely Dale

  38. Really thorough information on affiliate and network marketing. I wasn’t that familiar with network marketing before. I’m 4 months in, with affiliate marketing and although I haven’t made money yet, I understand that is the norm.
    Any reader should appreciate your pros and cons, because it shows your not trying to sway anyone.

    1. Hi Lisbonam, I appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Yes, a lot of people just as soon as they here network marketing or MLM they automatically assume it is a pyramid scheme because of the reputation of some very unscrupulous companies which is a shame because you can make some money with the right company. It is just a matter of finding a company that has either a product or service you wish to promote and are passionate about. That is the main reason why I do both kinds of marketing.

      As with affiliate marketing, you hang in there. It is a lot of hard work in the beginning, but it does start to pay off eventually. You are at the right place to learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing! The community of people at wealth affiliate is by far the best group of people I have ever come across.

      Best wishes to you Sir!

      Sincerely Dale

  39. Hi Dale,

    I agree with you! Working from home is something desirable for everybody, but not achievable by everybody. The hard work that comes along with working from home is not everyone’s things. Some people just cannot deal with all the stress that comes with taking the own initiative to do something; they rather just work for somebody who makes all the decisions.

    I still cannot picture myself working online 100%. I do love my job very much (lifetime teacher). Working with students has been a passion for me. However, I see that I need to devote more time to my family, while my kids are small. That is why I am looking for an extra income to cut back from my hours at school. However, let’s see if that is doable in the long run. Too bad when one has too many passions:-)

    You mention networking marketing. I have always been skeptical about it, because, like you say, unscrupulous companies have ruined that. After reading through this article, I found that actually network marketing is not all bad. There are companies that you can trust and that have products that you really care to promote.

    I have done network marketing a little in the past, but it was not my favorite. Now that I am doing affiliate marketing, I love it so much better. However, I guess that is a personal choice and preference.

    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of each one of these types of businesses.


    1. Hey Oscar, yes working from home takes a lot of effort no doubt but it can be worth it in the long run especially if you finally get to the point of making residual income.

      The reason I created this post was that I get tired of seeing all of these adds. Make thousands of dollars a week. Just sign-up here today to get started.  There are so many different promotional adds which make it sound so easy that you can earn hundreds of dollars a day. But that's not the reality of things. You usually have to put in a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be.

      I too have a lot of passions Oscar. Two of my biggest passions in life is woodworking and helping people with their health issues by using natural alternatives instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

      Yes, network marketing has gotten a bad reputation because of a few unscrupulous companies which were, in fact, real pyramid schemes which took a lot of peoples money in which they didn't receive any return on their investment.

      It is true Oscar that not all network marketing companies are all evil. A person needs to do their research and pick a company which carries products they wish to promote. And a person also needs to understand getting rich quick is not the reality for most people.

      You are welcome Oscar and thanks for stopping by.

      Sincerely Dale

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