How To Improve On Leadership Skills

I want to talk to you about Leadership and the importance of being a good Leader and how to improve on Leadership Skills. Not just for the people who work for you; But for yourself. All of these skills listed below are also needed to become successful in Life. So first off, here is a list of the top 10 Leadership Skills. 

The top 10 Leadership Skills. 

  • Honesty/Trustworthiness
  • Highly Motivated
  • Accept Responsibility
  • They help others succeed
  • Integrity
  • Listen/Communicate
  • Self-Confidence
  • Respect for others
  • Inspire/Motivate others
  • Vision

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Let's start from the top and talk about being Honest and Trustworthy. I am sure you have heard this saying before. "You are only as good as your word."
A good Leader is Honest and Trustworthy he/she will always try to be upfront with his/her co-workers. If you are anything like I was before becoming a Leader, I hated being left in the dark. I wanted to know how big the job was and how many hours a day I was going to have to work to complete the job. I always hated a Leader coming up to me on a Friday evening and tell me ("Oh, by the way, I need you to work Saturday.") like I didn't have a life outside of work.
I understand it happens sometimes, but if you knew ahead of time, you would not make any Personal Plans with Family or Friends, and you wouldn't get angry about it. So just as soon as a Leader sees that working Saturday might be a possibility he needs to let his/her team know.
When my boys were growing up, they learned from a very young age that when I told them something they knew it was the truth because I never lied to them about anything. If they did something wrong and I told them they were going to get punished for it, they knew before they went to bed that night it was going to happen.
That is the beautiful thing about children if they know that you; mean what you say, you very rarely have to punish them. The same goes for employees; you Lead; they just want to know where they stand and what the rules are. So always practice being Honest and Trustworthy.

Highly Motivated

A good Leader should be Highly Motivated and should jump in and help out were needed to get a job done on time. I can speak from experience about this because I am a Leader and if necessary, I will operate a machine all night long right beside my workers to get a job finished.
So how do you practice being Motivated?
Well, you could do like me and read Motivational and
Inspirational Books or listen to Motivational Speakers/CDs like Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar,
or Brian Tracy to name a few; to help you get into the habit of being a Positive influence.

Accept Responsibility

A good Leader Will Accept Responsibilities for his/her Decisions even if the decision that he/she made turns out to be the wrong one. A Leader will not let their employees take the blame for something they decided was the right thing to do; he/she takes full Responsibility. They learn from their mistakes.
In your personal life if you would learn to take full responsibility for your mistakes/actions and just try to learn something from them; then it isn't a mistake, after all, it is a chance to learn. I hear people all the time saying "It's not my fault." I'm not saying it isn't the case sometimes but not always. We are all Human, and we all make mistakes we just need to learn to take responsibility for them instead of pointing the finger at someone else. It is not the end of the world if we make a mistake.

Help others succeed

A good Leader will always help his/her, co-workers, to do and be better because he/she wants to see them succeed. If a worker is not excelling in a particular job, a Leader should move the employee to a position that is more suited for them and not just dismiss the person because the employee might very well excel in a different job.
If you always try to help others succeed you never know when that person or someone else might come along and help you to achieve success. (Good Karma. "What goes around comes around.") But not only that, you should get a sense of joy watching someone you helped; become successful.


A good Leader should have Integrity. He/She should always strive to do the right thing no matter what the outcome.
You always have those people in the workforce who want to become a Leader, and they try to do it by cutting corners and sucking up to the Supervisor.
In my opinion, they have no Morales, Values, or Integrity. Any person that sees someone become a Leader in this fashion will never have any Respect or Trust for such a Leader.
It is not hard to make decisions in life when you know what your Morales and Values are. Do not cut corners because in the long run it never pays off if you lose Trust and Respect from the people around you. So always have a strong sense of Integrity.

Listen and Communicate

A good Leader should always listen to his/her co-workers. The workers who are performing the jobs have a lot of good ideas sometimes as to how they could be more productive with their work just by buying a simple tool; or by changing the way you do something. A good Leader Should Communicate the co-worker’s ideas to his Superiors and give due Credit to the employees.
I have a saying I use quite often, and it goes like this. Our Creator gave us two ears and one mouth, so, therefore, He meant for us to Listen more than He meant for us to speak. The problem with a lot of people is they just don't listen they are too busy formulating in their heads what they want to say long before you get through talking. So my advice is to stay out of your head and learn to listen.


A good Leader should have Self-Confidence in his/her abilities to perform any job or task they require an employee to complete. I being a Leader personally, will never ask an employee of mine to do any job/task that I am not willing to do myself.
I recently wrote a post about Self-Confidence, so if you would like to know more about how to gain Confidence in your personal life, please check it out.

Respect for Others

A good leader will not only have Respect for his/herself, but they will also show Respect to others. I hear people all the time saying you have to earn Respect; I don't exactly agree with that saying.
I view Respect kind of like Trust; I will give you both automatically, but it is up to you whether or not you keep it. An employee will not Respect you if they see you do not deserve it. 
In my opinion, if you want your workers to Respect you show them that you are willing to go above and beyond to help them complete a job on time; instead of ordering them to hurry up and they will Respect you for that.
You always need to Respect yourself as well as others. If you show Respect, you get Respect back in return. If you show Contempt, you get Contempt back in return. Do you see how simple all of this works? The more you are willing to give in life; the more you will get in return out of life.
“I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.”   By Robert Michaels MD

Inspire and Motivate Others

A good Leader should always try to Inspire and Motivate his/her employees. When they do a good job, they need to hear about it. If they are struggling while trying to learn a different position, they need to be encouraged they can do it because you have Confidence in them. Let your co-workers know they have your support and in return, they will try and do the best job they can for you.
In life, you should always try to Inspire and Motivate the people around you. Your friends, family and anyone to whom you come into contact. You just never know how someone's life could change by letting them know you care, and I guarantee your life will change for the better. It doesn't cost you a thing to be kind and try to Inspire and Motivate, someone around you other than maybe a little time well spent.


A good Leader should have Vision if he/she has been a Leader for any length of time. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your co-workers and how to position them to be the most productive with the least amount of effort.
You by now in your life should have somewhat of a Vision as to where you want to be in Life at least five years from now. If not, I would suggest that you do a little soul searching and try to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. Then set a Vision in the forefront of your mind and hold it there until you achieve your goal.

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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

2 thoughts on “How To Improve On Leadership Skills”

  1. Hey Dawn,
    Thank you very much for your comment. You are right! I have worked for some sorry Leaders in my years of working. Since I am a Leader myself now; I try to treat my co-workers the way I want to be treated, and I must say that all of the people that work for me do their very best and I am grateful and Blessed.
  2. This a great article you touched on some very useful tips when it comes to being a leader. I've seen so called leaders that really did not understand what it meant to be a leader who thought that just barking orders to the employees was being a good leader, and never listening to what the employees had to say is another fault of not being a true leader.  

    Very informative article with some really great tools that people can use in therir everyday lives. 🙂

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