How To Find A True Love-Soul Mate-Life Partner

You know when you get to that certain age when it is no longer about conquests, and are finally ready to settle down. Now You want to find out how to find a true love to spend and share the rest of your life with because you're sick of all the games.

You're searching for that one person who doesn't play games that you can trust and who trusts you in return. Someone who shares similar views about life, spiritual beliefs, common interests, goals, and dreams such as yourself.

We all need to remember none of us are perfect and we all have our faults and with this, in mind, all of us have to determine what is the most important elements to us in a relationship. In other words, what can we live with and what can we live without?

How To Find A True Love


How To Find A True Love In Search Of Your Soul Mate

If you have been out in the dating world and have had several partners over the years, and none of them have worked out. You should by now then have a pretty good understanding of what you don't want in a relationship.

So now is the time to reflect upon yourself and figure out what it is you do want in a relationship because only then will you know what it is you are looking for in a life partner.

Here is what I want you to do. Sit down somewhere by yourself without any distractions with pen and paper in hand and write down two lists. The first list should be titled. What I don't want in a relationship and the second one should be titled What I want in a relationship or life partner.

Now reflect upon all of your past relationship experiences that didn't work and make out your first list.              

                                            Questions To Ask A Date


What I Don't Want In A Relationship! (Red Flags)

  • I don't want someone who doesn't trust me.
  • I don't want someone who lies.
  • I don't want someone who cheats.
  • I don't want someone who has been married 4 or 5 times.
  • I don't want someone with children.
  • I don't want someone who doesn't have children.
  • I don't want someone who smokes.
  • I don't want someone who drinks.
  • I don't want someone who is controlling.
  • I don't want someone who is possessive.
  • I don't want someone who is overly jealous.
  • Etc.

Now think about what it is you do want and make out your list of things you are looking for in a life partner.


What I Do Want In A Relationship!

  • I want someone whom I can discuss a problem with instead of fighting about it.
  • I want someone who is honest.
  • I want someone who is caring.
  • I want someone who doesn't cheat.
  • I want someone who trusts me and that I trust.
  • I want someone who has similar goals and dreams.
  • I want someone who shares similar spiritual beliefs.
  • I want someone who isn't controlling.
  • I want someone who isn't possessive or overly jealous.
  • I want someone who wants children.
  • I want someone who doesn't want children.
  • I want someone who is in good health.
  • I want someone who is good with finances.
  • Etc.

Now that you have your lists complete about what you do and don't want and you have figured out what is most important to you in a relationship. You are probably asking what's next? You need to prioritize your list from the most to least important.

Making Priority List

Then figure out which ones you are willing to compromise on out of the one's you deem as less important. I hate to think of dating in terms of a job interview but in a sense that is kind of what it is regarding finding your true love.

I want you to take both of your lists and form a series of questions out of them in regards to what is most important to you and commit them to your memory. Then while out on a date you will ask your questions.

I am not talking about grilling your date either but ask your questions during a normal conversation and make a mental note about the red flags.


Red Flag Relationship Warning Signs

I would assume everyone is familiar with the term red flags, but if you are reading this post and are in a younger generation or foreign country and have never heard of this term. It means the answers to the questions you are asking your date doesn't match up with what you deem as important to you in finding your true love.

Red Flag Relationship Warning Signs

Best Questions To Ask On The First Date

  • Question: Have you ever been married?
  • Answer: I've been married four times. (red flag) 

This example shows a person who is not sure of what they are looking for in a relationship.

  • Question: Do you have any children?
  • Answer: I have three kids.
  • Question: Are they all by the same father/mother?
  • Answer: No they all have different fathers/mothers. (red flag)

This example shows a person also whom either doesn't know what they won't, or they can not distinguish the difference between lust and love. It also shows they aren't very responsible either.

  • Question: What kind of work do you do and how long have you been doing this kind of work?
  • Answer: I just started working at this new job doing such and such, but I have only been there for a month now. But before this job I worked this other job for about three months but I had to quit because of such and such reason. Before that, I worked at the such, and such factory for about six months. (red flag)

This example shows a person who is not very financially stable and always seems to have an excuse as to why they either got fired or had to quit their job.

Watch And Listen For The Red Flags

So, if you want to find a partner or mate who is financially stable, it shouldn't be with someone who has had three or four different jobs in a years time. It should be with someone who has had the same job for at least three to ten years.

Even this does not always mean they are financially stable depending on their spending habits. They may not be great at managing their money, but at least they have a much better work record and can hold down a job.

If you made mental notes about the red flags during your date and if there were several that went against what you deem as important in a relationship you need to forget about this person as a potential life partner and move on to the next one. There is no point in wasting your time or theirs.

Just thank this person for the date and let them know you had a good time. But also let them know that you see them more as a potential friend and someone to hang out with sometimes. Because who knows they may be thinking the same thing about you.


What Is The Difference In Lust And Love

The major difference between lust and love is that with love we do not ignore the red flags and we find someone who fits with our list of things we deem as important in a relationship or life partner. Where as with lust it is more of a physical attraction and we tend to ignore all of the red flags we are receiving.

Now we have all dated these kinds of people, and it never seems to work out. Maybe we are physically attracted to them, and all of us appear to think that we can help this person to change into that special someone we have been searching for our whole life.

So we spend anywhere between one to three years with this person and nothing changes; until we have finally had enough and end the relationship. Next thing you know we are back into the dating game all over again. Except for this time we are now two or three years older.

If we continue with this same manner of dating over and over again, we start to get older and in many cases less attractive. So then we began to start thinking about just settling for whatever to keep from being alone for the rest of our lives.

But if it ever gets to this point you might as well live alone because you will never be truly happy with someone if you abandon the things that are important to you in a relationship. You will end up just as miserable if not more so.


Recap – How To Find My True Love

  • If you want to know how to find a true love you need to implement this plan which I put before you. Figure out what is important to you by figuring out what you want and don't want in a relationship and make out a list of these things.
  • You need to prioritize your list from most important to least. Then figure out which things on the list you are willing to compromise on out of the ones which are deemed as least important.

  • You need to form a series of questions from this list and commit them to memory to ask on a date.

  • Make mental notes of the red flags which pop-up from the answers to your questions. If there are too many red flags, you need to move on instead of trying to change someone because you feel a physical attraction towards them.

  • Do not forgo what is most important to you in a relationship just to keep from being alone.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and my wish is that it helps you in finding your one true love in life. Or at the very least gives you some ideas as to the questions you need to ask while on a date. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

Or if you know of any people in your social media networks who could use this information you are welcome to share this post with them. We have all been in these kinds of relationships before and if not we know plenty of friends and family who have.


Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

How To Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life

Hey, folks, today's topic I wanted to discuss with all of you is about how to change your mindset and change your life. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? If so! I would like to take this opportunity to see if I can help you change your mindset and change your life.

Would You Like To Learn How To Change Your Mindset And Change Your Life?

Examples Of Stinking Thinking!

  • Are you one of those people who sees the glass half empty or half full?
  • Are you one of those poor me baby types of people that everything just happens to and it's never your fault, or you don't know why bad things keep happening to you?
  • Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to rise above life keeps kicking you in the teeth and knocking you back down?  
  • Do you ever feel like you have sunk as low as you can go and are at the bottom of the barrel with no way out or no escape?
  • Are you one of those individuals who think Man I've got the worst luck in the world?
Unfortunately, that is what it takes for some people; in order, for them to turn their lives around. I don't want you to be an individual who hits rock bottom thinking there is no way out when the truth is the only way out is up.
What if I told you that there was no such thing as good or bad luck. Would you think I was crazy? What if I said that everything which is going wrong in your life today you brought it upon yourself.
Would you believe me? Of course not! But it's the truth whether you believe me or not!
I want to try and break some of this stuff down for you in the simplest way I can. Everything that has happened in your life up to this point you have brought upon yourself. The good as well as the bad.
Everything which has happened to you up to this stage in life is a total accumulation of your life choices and how you look at life. I know you think what the hell do you know and you are out of your freaking mind. My Fault, Yeah Right! 
Now that you think I am a crazy person let me ask you a few more questions to try and get my point across.
  • If you are broke and don't have a penny to your name who's fault is it?
  • If you are overweight or obese who's fault is it?
  • If you can't hold down a job for being late all the time are not showing up for work whose fault is it?
  • If you already have children and you are still a little more than a child yourself who's fault is it?
  • If you can't keep a decent roof over your head and a dependable car to drive who's fault is it?
  • If you can't pay your bills or buy groceries who's fault is it?
Now you can sit there and blame everyone under the sun for all of your downfalls all you want too. Your parents, The economy, Bad luck, Carma, or whatever excuse you choose to use, but the bottom line is you are the one who has to take control of your life. No one else is in control of your life except you.
So if you don't have the things in life you want then the only way for you to get them is to change your life! My question to you now is, do you want to learn how to change your mindset and change your life?

The First Step

Is to stop blaming everyone else for your problems and start taking responsibility for your actions. Obstacles come along in everyone's lives but it is how you choose to look and deal with them is what counts.
You can look at every obstacle that shows up in your life, (and there will be many) as a reason or an excuse to give up, or you could ask yourself what can I learn from this.
If you can seriously learn to grasp this one concept and treat every obstacle no matter how big or small as either something to learn from or as just another piece of the puzzle of this game called life. Your life will instantly change and get a lot better.
If you learn to treat everything in life as a game, it can be a lot of fun to play and if you do that you will get to a point in your life where almost no one or nothing can get you down.
You will be on a natural high because then everyone will be wondering what you know that they don't.

The Second Step

Is to set some goals for yourself no matter how big or small they are you just needs some goals to strive for and accomplish.
I have a ritual I do every year on New Years while everyone else is out partying. I usually sit down somewhere quiet by myself with pen and paper in hand and reflect on the past year's events while asking myself these questions.
  • Did I accomplish everything I set out to do?
  • Am I satisfied with the job I have?
  • Am I happy with my life?
  • What things do I want to try and accomplish this year?
I always write down more goals than I can get done. I put them up on my wall by my computer where I can see them every day as a reminder. I always mark them off as I get them finished. The ones I don't complete gets put on the Next Years goals with a lot more added to it.
By doing things this way I always have something to strive for, focus on, and accomplish. I know it doesn't sound like much fun does it? One important thing to remember is you always need to celebrate every goal you complete no matter how big or small.

The Third Step

Is I also take a hard look at myself and find things which I don't like about myself and then I work on changing those things as well.
Examples of things I work on about myself.
  • Maybe I need to lose a few pounds.
  • I don't eat healthy enough foods.
  • Smoke too much. 
  • Drink too many sodas.
  • Drink too much alcohol.
  • Gossip too much.
  • Need to exercise more.
  • Talk too much.
  • Need to listen more to other people. 
  • ETC.

The Fourth Step

Is to pick one of my goals from the list and stay focused on it till I get it accomplished and then move on to the next one. Now some goals require more money than others, and I don't fret over it I just skip over it till a later date when I have more money to put towards it.
If I don't get it done this year, then it goes on my next year's list. Don't ever worry yourself over not completing all of your goals like I said I always put more down than I can get done.
The ones which require more money may have to be done a few years down the road, but that is ok because it is just the game of life and nothing more.
A lot of people take things so serious in life such as I got to have this or I got to have that, but the funny thing about getting older is you start to realize the things you thought mattered so much wasn't that important after all.
If a person would learn how to live a simple basic life meaning the things you need out of life.
  • Such as shelter.
  • Food.
  • Clothing.
  • A dependable car.
  • A job.
  • Your health.
  • A spiritual connection with whatever faith you are.
  • A healthy mind.
  • Treat other people the way you would like to be treated.

This is all we need to live a good life!

Everything else is just not that damn important. It isn't life or death because you don't own the most expensive house, automobile, clothing, etc., etc. None of those things have anything at all to do with living a good life.

The Fifth Step

Is bigger and more expensive is not always better. It's about being practical in what your actual needs are in life and how you spend your money.
My girlfriend is always talking about wanting a bigger house. I have a three bedroom two bath home that's about 1500 square feet on nearly six acres of land, and it's paid off, and I no longer have any kids at home.
So, I am here to tell you two of the bedrooms and one bathroom never gets used unless company comes over and spends the night which is not that often.
  • So do I need a bigger house?
  • Or go back into debt for a new house?
  • Not!
I am 52 years old and I don't want to start over paying for another home when I am already out of debt. For me! Now is the time to take all of that extra money and go on some nice vacations and see some of this beautiful world Our Creator made for us.

In conclusion!

I hope you now know some ways in how to change your mindset and change your life.

I sincerely want to apologize to all of my readers.

I know I haven't been writing anything new on here for a while. The only excuse I can give you is that I have been working on another website as of lately in which I hope to be able to help save people lots of money.
So, if you get a chance and like saving money, you can check out my new website here at.
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Happy Halloween
Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

Mind Your On Business-I-Mind-My Business

Hey Everybody, Today's topic I would like to discuss is why you should mind your on business. How often do we not only stick our noses where it doesn't belong but isn't wanted nor needed? We always seem to have an opinion as to what others should or should not do, but yet our on lives are a mess.
I know we all seem to have this urge to want to help someone else, and this is very admirable. It is one thing when someone asks for your opinion but yet another to just offer without being asked which most of us do. I have struggled and strived to learn how to mind my on business unless I am asked, for advice about something.
"Get your nose out of everybody else's garden. Get your own in order, and stop focusing on everybody else's. Grow what you want to grow in your Garden."  By Wayne W. Dyer- from a book called Staying on the Path
Below is a series of tough questions in which we need to dig deep down for the answers. If we can truthfully answer all of these queries and can take control, and resolve the issues in our on lives.
Then and only then we might be able to help someone else. But only if we are asked, and if not; mind your on business. Everyone always has an opinion which reminds me of another great quote.
"Who told you that it couldn't be done? And what great achievement have they to their credit that qualifies them to judge "Your Ability." By Napoleon Hill
  • Why is it always so much easier to focus on everyone else's problems instead of our own?
  • Why are we so afraid to face our on demons?
  • If we focus on someone else, does that make our problems go away or just take our minds off of them for a while?
  • If we haven't even learned how to confront our on issues how are we supposed to help someone else come to term with theirs?
Because I mind my on business, or at least, try to. I get pissed off when someone asks me a question about someone else. I have a tendency to get abrupt with that person and tell them; I don't know! I mind my on business! And if you want to know something about them; ask them yourself! I am not a huge fan of gossip either.
I asked myself all of the tough questions above, and I will try and share my answers with you in hopes it might be of some help for you.

Why is it always so much easier to focus on everyone else's problems instead of our own?

The answer I received was it is a coping method (Procrastination) to keep us from having to deal with our on problems. But the other thing I learned was to face my problems head on, and as it turns out nine out of ten times, things aren't as bad as you think.

Why are we so afraid to face our on demons?

The answer I received was we are afraid to face our on Demons because of the Fear of Failure. We are scared of being judged by others if we don't succeed. So, therefore, it is much easier not to even try rather than to be seen as a failure.
When we are offering others advice, we have no fear of failure because it's not us dealing with our problems; it's someone else's, and it is someone else's failure if they don't succeed. Not ours!
When we have a Fear of Failure, it always comes back to Seeking Approval. When you seek approval, you are saying to yourself someone else's view of you is more important to you than your opinion of yourself.     Refer to the Napoleon Hill quote above!

If we focus on someone else, does that make our problems go away or just take our minds off of them for a while?

The answer I received is no! Focusing on someone else's problems doesn't make ours go away. It might take your mind off of them for a while, but they will continue to rear their ugly head until you find the courage to deal with them.
The sooner you dig down deep and find the courage. The sooner you can get on with your life and put it behind you. In a few years, you will look back at your life and realize just how insignificant most of the problems you were afraid to face really where.

If we haven't even learned how to confront our on issues how are we supposed to help someone else come to term with theirs?

The answer I received was sometimes we can help someone with an issue they have if we have been through something similar, but again only if they ask for your advice.
The biggest thing is though if someone asks for your help and then doesn't take it don't get upset and take it personally. We tend to do that. We have to remember we are just offering someone a suggestion, and it doesn't make it right or wrong.
Each person has to figure out for themselves what's right for them, and in most cases they just want a person to listen, and a shoulder to cry on.

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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

What Is A Reputation

Hey Everyone, Today I want to discuss the topic of reputations. What is a reputation and why is it important to have a good one?

What Is A Reputation?

A Reputation is an opinion or belief on how others view you, like a habit or a characteristic you might have; such as being an honest or dishonest person. Reputation is also a label other people put on you such as whether you are considered a good or a bad guy/gal. Or you have a particular skill in which you are either good/bad at doing.
I am the kind of person who doesn't care what other people's opinions are of me, in particular, and I hate labels in which people place on you. What I care about more is my opinion of myself. But, your reputation always precedes you, and people will always have an opinion whether you like it or not. Just the same as you and I will, about others.
What-Is-A-Reputation                    Everyone-Has-Their-Own-Opinion

What Is The Importance Of A Good Reputation?

In my opinion, one of the main reasons for having a good reputation is people are going to talk about you whether you like it or not. So, do you want to be known as a liar, bully, thief, a braggart, or a person whom other people look down on, etc. or someone people can believe in, trust and look up too?
Here are a few reasons why it could be important to have a good reputation.
  • A person is only as good as their word.
  • It helps you out in life struggles because other people are more willing to help you when you need it.
  • It just makes life easier!
But, don't create a good reputation for yourself because of what others think of you, though. Do it for yourself because you take pride in who you are as a person.
Benjamin Franklin said, "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."

I Have A Bad Reputation

You might ask. What do I do if I have a bad reputation? How can I change it?  Well, the first step is as with anything else in life; it's, knowing that you want or need to change. You have to start being honest with yourself as well as others.


I believe most people are born with a kind and giving heart. The reason they end up with a bad reputation is that they don't know who they are as a person, and are just trying to fit in somewhere. Therefore they end up hanging out with what is considered the wrong crowd and making up stories to try and impress them; just to fit in.
One thing you need to be aware of if you begin the journey in changing your reputation. People whom you thought where your friends start falling by the wayside; or they try and hold you back. Hopefully, some of them will want to join you in your journey.
Also be aware that people who know you, are not going to believe you are changing your ways. It will take some time to earn their trust and possibly forgiveness. But as long as you begin by being honest with them, as well as yourself. They will eventually come around.

How To Tell If Someone Is Trustworthy?

All you have to do to tell if someone is trustworthy and have a good reputation is to listen and observe, their actions; Because actions speak louder than words. A reliable person is not always bragging about what they did or didn't do. They usually are not trying to impress anyone.
If a trustworthy person tells you, he/she is going to do something they do it. By doing what we say were going to do is what gives a person a good reputation and makes us trustworthy. A person is only as good as their word and sometimes your word is all you have.
So, the next time someone asks you for help or wants you to do something for them. Think about it, before you agree to anything. Decide whether or not you can or want too before committing yourself to helping, or doing a task in which either you don't have the time or inclination to do.
If you agree to do something for or with someone without thinking it through, and then you don't do it, your trust and reputation go down the drain. Before you know it, and if you continue to act in this manner; you have a bad reputation and are considered not trustworthy.
If-You-Are Dis-Honest     Your-Reputation-Is-Crap  

If you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn’t;  please leave a comment good or bad, I would enjoy reading them; or if you have a question or a topic that you would like to discuss. I would enjoy that as well.
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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

What Is The Difference Between Needs And Wants

Hey Everybody, Today's topic I would like to discuss is what is the difference between needs and wants. Every person on the planet has the same basic needs in life which are Shelter, Food, Clothing, some form of Dependable Transportation, and a Job in which to have all of the previous things.
That is all folks as far as needs are concerned. Everything else is a want or desire.
"When you're constantly living in fear and worry that you aren't getting what you "want", You miss out on the beautiful simplicity that you already have everything you "need".  By Shari Alyse
So, you are probably saying to yourself right now what was the point in writing this post because we knew this stuff already. Well, the truth is because I hear people saying all the time, I need this or that, I need, I need, I need. And I am sure you hear it too.
"Your suffering comes from needing things to be different. When you stop that, your suffering ends. You can want things, but it is the needing that must go."  By Unknown

Are Americans Brainwashed?

We struggle more than three-quarters of our lives away by needing things. It is a form of slavery. We are brain-washed into believing we just have to have certain things.
We get bombarded every day with newspaper ads, signs, commercials on tv, and radio; of stuff we all need to make our lives easier and better. NOT!
Let me ask you a serious question. How soon and at what age do you think you could get out of debt if you just stuck to the basic needs of life? My guess is between the ages of 50 to 55 years old depending on when you started working.
There are so many people still working way past retirement age who are still so far in debt they can't quit work. Ask yourself Why? I have as well as asking them.
Most of them tell me they started working at the age of 15 or 16 years old, and they are in their 70's now and still in debt for their home. So these people will probably work till the day they die.
Do you think these people ever got the chance to pursue their passions and dreams? NO! Is this going to be you? Are you going to be brainwashed into believing you need every little thing that is supposed to make your life easier?
Well, only you can answer these questions for yourself. Me personally, I don't plan on working till the day I die and being a slave to debt because of needs.
I am not saying there is anything wrong with working or wanting things, but if you still have to work in your 70's, at a job you probably hate by now; or at the least burnt-out from, because of debt. Then you aren't living the life Our Creator meant for us to live.

My Life Plans

I started working a full-time JOB at the age of 16 and because I live a simple life, and know the difference between needs, and wants; I will be 52 this year and out of debt. My plan is to quit my full-time job at the end of the year.
I plan on finding a part-time JOB so that I might start pursuing my passions, and dreams, in life; as well as enjoying the time I have left. Hopefully another 30 or 40 years.
So many people worry about the future, and having enough money to live on, but the thing about life is. We aren't guaranteed tomorrow. Let me ask you another question. If you were completely free of debts, how much money would you need?
Let's see, if your house and automobiles were paid, off. What does that leave? Power bill, Phone bill, Groceries, Other home necessities, Auto and Home insurance, Property taxes, Health Insurance, and Automobile tags.
I don't know about you, but I think I can manage to pay for these with a part time job while I pursue my passions and dreams. My intentions are to start making money with what I love doing instead of having to answer to a boss and a strict work schedule.
I have always had a dream of being my on boss with flexible hours so I can enjoy life the way it was meant to be. So, as you can see I am not against working, but I am against having to answer to someone else for the remainder of my lifetime.

How To Work For Myself

I believe I could make a home based business out of one of my many interests, and hobbies, which I love and enjoy when having the time to do them. So this is where my focus will be starting in 2017.
Some things for you to think about!
  • Do you have a life plan?
  • How to work for yourself?
  • Are you going to continuing working for someone else?
  • Getting out of debt as soon as you can.
  • What are your passions and dreams?
  • Could you create your on business out of them?
  • What would you do if you didn't have to work set hours?
I hope this post has been helpful in determining the difference between needs and wants. A need is something you have to have; and a want is something you would like to have. Get Out of DEBT as young as you can and live the life that you were meant to live; not the life you are having to live because of debts.
The book I would recommend reading is titled All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren & Amelia Warren Tyagi.
If you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn’t;  please leave a comment good or bad, I would enjoy reading them; or if you have a question or a topic that you would like to discuss. I would enjoy that as well.
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Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

Giddy Up Go

Have you been noticing like I have this younger generation doesn't seem to have any giddy up and go? I supervise the night shift where I work and have several workers who are in their early twenties. It amazes me as I watch them; they have absolutely no giddy up go about them at all.
From the time I was eleven or twelve, I was always hustling around trying to find ways to make some money so that I could buy the things I wanted.
I lived in an area where there was a lot of different kinds of farms. I picked Apples in the Orchards, Gathered Turnip Greens, Hay, worked in Chicken Houses Gathering Eggs, and Mowing Lawns. You name it, and I probably did it.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

The kids today move around as if they are in their eighties and nineties. Well, that is an unfair assessment because my mom is 85 and she could out work most of them. It is as if, this younger generation is caught up in some kind-of-a time distortion where everything is moving in slow motion.  The-kids-today-move-around-as-if-they-are-ninety.
I refer to them as kids not saying I am old, but I'm in my early fifties, and they can't keep up with me. It's not that they aren't intelligent, but they don't seem to have any drive, ambitions, or desire to accomplish anything in life.
It is almost like they are in a canoe heading down the river toward a 200-foot drop, bouncing off the rocks, and spinning out of control without any paddles to guide their selves safely to shore; and they don't seem to care.
They appear to be in self-destruct mode and lost without any direction as to which way to go or what to do. It saddens and worries me to witness this.
At work every time I turn my back, they are sitting down and when I ask them; what do you think you are doing? The reply I get is, I'm tired!
Being that I am a supervisor I remind them in the nicest possible way that they are here to work to earn a paycheck not sit on your ass do nothing and get paid.
This younger generation today, doesn't seem to have any work ethics at all and are so lazy. Therefore I have a big turnover rate; a lot more than I should have. The jobs at the company I work for are not hard they are mostly automated.
So, if they cannot even do these jobs what hope do they have of doing anything in life?

What Is The Real Cost?

The worst part about it is; We as parents did this to our children.
We wanted them to have a better life than what we had growing up.
We wanted to give them the things we wanted but never got. So, in a sense, we are re-living our childhood lives through our children.
Let me try to explain what I mean by the above sentence. When we were growing up, there were all kinds of things we wanted but didn't get because our parents didn't have a lot of money, so they gave us only what was needed; instead of what we wanted.
Now that we are parents and go shopping for our children, we see all kinds of things that we would love to have had; so we buy them for our kids. We are giving them this and that pretty much anything they wish for no matter what the cost.
The real cost is what I stated above. We are raising a society of children who doesn't understand what it means to struggle for what they want out of life or how to work for it. What they have learned is all they have to do is WHINE about wanting something, and we will GIVE it to them.
The problem with all of this is these kids today are not learning the value of having to work for whatever it is they want out of life; they expect everything to be handed to them as if they are entitled. Which in turn makes them lazy, unappreciative, and dependent upon us.
They are not learning how to make informed decisions, manage money, pay bills, or save for a rainy day. They are not learning the reality of life about choices and consequences as well as the struggles in life. I see way too many kids having children who cannot even take care of themselves.

Teens With Kids

There are too many young men/women between the ages of 17 – 21 where I work who already have two and three children, and they are by no means mature enough to have a family. But we all know who raises them; it's the grandparents!
Here we think that our kids are grown and ready to be kicked out of the house, and then we end up having to start all over again. I don't mean to offend anyone here, but it truly is our fault.
I-Just-Got-My-Own-Kids-Out-Of-The-House Here-We-Go-Again!
Instead of teaching them how to be strong independent young men and women and how to work for what they want. We just had to Give them a Better Life than what we had. But my question to you is. Did we really have it that bad? Who is paying the price for it? We Are!
I remember when I was young I also wanted a lot of stuff just as any kid will. But I also remember my mother telling me she couldn't afford it, and if I wanted it, I would save up my allowance to pay for it.
But by the time I had saved up enough money, there was always something else I would want instead. The Moral of this sentence is. (If it is something, you want you will save up your money and buy it. If you can't save your money for it; then you really didn't want it anyway. It was just a fad.)

How To Stop The Madness

Parents, it's time for us to get back to teaching the basics when raising our children. It's time to start giving them only what they need and back to teaching them how to work for what they want.
It's time to get back to teaching our children how to be responsible young adults and how to think for themselves so they can make the best possible decisions. Teach them about the choices and consequences they may face in life.
It's time to get back to teaching them about finances, budgeting, saving, about having children. following their dreams, and passions in life. Teach them how to think not what to think.

If you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn’t;  please leave a comment good or bad, I would enjoy reading them; or if you have a question or a topic that you would like to discuss. I would enjoy that as well.
If you know people who could benefit from this message, please be sure to tell them about my website. Or post it to Social Media.
Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

How To Make Money Online From Home

Hey everyone, I am writing a review about Wealthy Affiliate and how to make money online from home. This is my personal experience with them so far. I am no different than most of you reading this. For a long time now I have wanted to work for myself and be the boss of my on Destiny.
I know many of you feel the same way as I do, and probably for the same reasons as well. I am tired of working for someone else and not having the time to enjoy life and my family the way I want to.

I might not be the brightest bulb in the light, but I'm not stupid either. I know people are making a good living on the internet all the time working from home. If they can do it; why the Hell can't you and me.

Making Ideas Happen, Overcoming Obstacles Between Vision, and Reality

These are some of the obstacles, and challenges, I was faced with; in building an online business, or a website.
  • What to make a website about?
  • How to keep from getting scammed?
  • How to find a legitimate place to learn step by step?
  • How much will it cost to build a website?
  • How long does it take to make a website?
  • How to create a website?
  • What to write about on my website?
  • How much does a domain cost?
  • How to buy a domain name?
  • How to make money with a website?
  • How long does it take to make money online?
  • How long does it take to get discovered?
  • What if I'm not good with computers?
  • What if grammar and punctuation aren't correct?
  • What if I'm not smart enough to figure it out?

What To Make A Website About?

What to make a website about was the easiest question for me to figure out. All of the other obstacles I had no clue about how to do or where to begin I wanted to build a website about one of my passions. Do you know the old say? "If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life." So, I had the first obstacle figured out!

How To Keep From Getting Scammed?

How to keep from getting scammed, now this was a big deal for me as I am sure it would be for you. Because I don't have a lot of money to invest or to lose falling for scams.
I researched places for months trying to find a legitimate place to teach me without costing me a lot of money and promising me the moon. Or getting scammed. So, if you are thinking about building an online business or website, I suggest that you do your research thoroughly.
I would like to give you one serious piece of advice before you decide to build a website. Take some time to think about why you want to build one, and also reflect on a passion or something you could write about for a long time.

How To Find A Legitimate Place To Learn Step By Step?

As I said earlier, I researched places for months trying to find an authentic place to teach me without costing me a lot of money I finally stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. I looked at every review I could find. I looked at ripoff reports. I searched for them on the Better Business Bureau site. I could not find, but one or two negative remarks about Wealthy Affiliate after weeks of researching. Finally, the place I had been looking for, and I am happy that I found it.

How Much Will It Cost To Build A Website?

The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can sign up for free for the first seven days at no cost to you whatsoever so that you can check it out for yourself and see what all you can learn and do.
So my suggestion to you is to check it out for the full seven days because you have absolutely nothing to lose, and it just might change your whole life and future.


How Long Does It Take To Make A Website?

How long does it take to make a website totally depends on your situation and how much time you have to spend on it? I started with Wealth Affiliate on March the 1st of this year.
I work a full-time job 10 and 12-hour shifts, so I don't get as much time to work on mine as I would like. Take a tour of my website and you can see what all I have accomplished in the four months. Plus I am also building another site on my main passion in life.
I built my first website on a secondary passion I have, in which to learn how everything works; before I started one on my main passion.

How To Create A Website?

Everything you will ever need to know about how to build a website is all inside Wealthy Affiliate.

What To Write About On My Website?

If you are building a site about a passion you have for something and if it is a real passion of yours; you shouldn't have any problem with coming up with something to write. Maybe you have a hobby or a product of some sort you want to promote and sale.
Maybe you already have a small business of some kind, and you are ready to take it to the next level by creating a website for it. The possibilities are endless.
I built my website on one of my passions. On top of having a full-time job where I work the night shift I also have a side business of my own, I do during the day time. I am a life coach and an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique).
EFT for those of you who doesn't know what it is; is based on acupuncture. I work with people with different health problems as well as pains, anxiety, and depression issues.
I don't want you to misunderstand me. I love helping people with their health problems, but I have no way to make any money if you are calling and emailing me about your health issues.
Over the past three years, I have been getting a lot of calls and emails from people from different states asking me health questions for various health problems; And this is what got me to thinking about building a website and doing an online business. Natural Alternatives for health issues is what my new and upcoming site is going to be about.

How Much Does A Domain Cost?

Well, this is one thing that shocked me because I had no idea how much a domain would cost. I thought a domain would cost hundreds of dollars, but they cost only 13 to 15 dollars a year.

How To Buy A Domain Name?

You will find all of the information you need inside of Wealthy Affiliate about how to purchase a domain name.

How To Make Money With A Website?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you multiple ways on how to earn money with your site from Affiliate Marketing to Google Adsense, and this is just a couple of the ways to make money with your site.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

I have been on Wealthy Affiliate for four months now and have earned a couple of hundred dollars so far. But remember this is not a get rich quick kind of thing. You have to follow the lessons and do the work. You are building a business, and that doesn't happen over night.
It also depends on how much time you have to put into building your business. Some people will reach success quicker than others. Some people have different skill sets than others. It depends on whether or not you work a full-time job or not. 
I am not going to sit here and tell you this is for everyone, or you are going to get rich. But what I will say, is that you will learn; how to make money online and a lot of people are making full time incomes, and are able to quit there other job. So far my website is paying for itself and I am just getting started.

How Long Does It Take To Get Discovered?

If you write good quality content and have a lot of connections on social media and your email list, they will help you share your website; and it won't take too long.
I have a few of my posts on the first page of Google already which started getting traffic to my site. So again it is up to you.

What If I'm Not Good With Computers?

They didn't have computers when I was in High School so everything I know about computers I learned on my on. I still don't know a lot of the different terminologies, but that is another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate.
It is like a college course for dummies, easy to understand and follow along with, if you have questions all you have to do is ask. If I am not at work, I will always respond to help you with any questions you might have and if I am; someone will answer your questions within minutes.
You start out by watching a video and then all you do is to apply what the video tells you to do. It is that easy, so if I can figure it out, anyone who can operate a computer can understand and follow along.

What If Grammar And Punctuation Aren't Correct?

My spelling is ok, but I suck at punctuation and grammar. What I do is use a free download called Grammarly. I write everything in it, then I copy and paste that into word to double check; and then onto my website.
It still isn't 100%, but it's a lot closer than I would get it by myself; after that, I don't worry about it. As long as people understand the message, I am trying to convey; is all that matters to me.

What If I'm Not Smart Enough To Figure It Out?

Like I said earlier if I can figure it out, anyone can. It is dummy proof. So, like I said check it out for the free seven days and you will see for yourself.
I would use the advice I gave you earlier before you decide to join. Take some time to think about why you want to build a website. Also, reflect on a passion or something you could write about for a long time before you do the free seven days.

My Second Reason For Wanting To Start An Online Business.

I have been searching for a few years now on how to make money online from home. For all the same reasons I told you about in the beginning.
I am sick and tired of the two-hour commute to and from work every day and always having to answer to someone else. Plus I have always wanted to be my on Boss. Things for you to think about.
  • Have you ever wanted to work for yourself and be your on boss?
  • Do you get tired of always having to answer to someone else and follow their stupid rules?
  • Have you ever wanted to find a way to make money at home or on the internet?
  • Have you ever wanted to have flexible hours so you can work when and anywhere in the world you want to?
  • Would you like to be able to spend more time with your family?
  • Do you get tired of driving in traffic every day to and from work?
  • Are you sick of rushing around in the mornings trying to get kids ready for school and get yourself ready for work?
  • Do you get tired of the office politics?
  • Are you tired of not having enough time to do important things, which need doing around the home?
  • Are you so tired when you get in from work you just want to be left alone and not be bothered by the kids, spouse, and worrying about dinner?
If you answered yes to anyone of these questions, I Suggest that you at least take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for the free seven days. Just click on any of the links within this post to sign up for free and check it out.
Well, this has been my journey so far with Wealthy Affiliate; and why I think it is the best platform and most realistic program I have found. Give me a holler when you get there! It could change your life!
Here is my email address and phone number. So, if you are thinking about it but still have some questions; feel free to either give me a call or send me an email and I will do my best to answer your questions.  My email address is and my phone number is (706)-273-6560
Sincerely Dale (EFT Practitioner & Life Coach)

Why Do I Worry About Everything

Hey everyone, Today's topic is about worrying. Why do I worry about everything?
Here is a list of some of the top things people seem to worry about that I thought of, and I am sure you could add to this list.

Things That Worry People

  • What people think of me
  • My family
  • How to be a good parent
  • My job
  • Money
  • Bills
  • Getting old
  • Having enough money for retirement

Do Not Worry About Things You Cannot Control

We all have a tendency to worry even though we know it isn't good for us, and it does absolutely no good to worry. We worry about a lot of things which are usually out of our control. 
I am here today to speak to everyone about worrying and why it is not healthy for us. When you worry about things it causes, stress in your body. Stress can lead to Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight Issues, Hair Loss, and Sleeping Disorders to name a few.
"There's nothing to worry about—ever! Either you have control, or you don't. If you do, take control; if you don't, dismiss it. Don't waste your energy on worry." By Unknown

I Worry About What People Think Of Me

When you worry about what people think of you in a sense, you are telling yourself what they think of you is more important than what you think of yourself. If you truly like the person you are why should you care what anyone else thinks about you?
You have nothing to prove to anyone except yourself and Our Creator and no one else.
A lot of people I meet always puts up a false front. The person they pretend to be to try and make you like them. But the problem with that is they have a tendency to exaggerate and most of the time you can see right through them. Which in turn causes you to dislike them.  
If we learn to bring out the real person, our authentic selves, people will be more responsive to us and like us so much more; even with all of our flaws. So, stop hiding the beautiful you, who is buried deep inside.

How To Keep My Kids Safe

We all want to protect our families, but we have to learn that we cannot protect them from everything just as our parents couldn't protect us from everything even though they tried. Some things are just out of our control!
We have to learn to trust in Our Creator to protect them and keep them safe when we can't. No amount of us worrying is going to change anything. One thing that always seems to help me is this question I always ask myself.
Is there anything within my control; I can do to improve or change this situation?
If the answer is no, then I turn it over to Our Creator. If the answer is yes, I figure out what I can do to change it.
Think back on your childhood growing up. Were your parents able to protect you from everything? I know mine wasn't, but I also know that I turned out ok and learned a lot along the way. 
Sometimes as hard as it may seem the best thing we can do is to let our kids make mistakes. They will learn from it. We just need to be there to comfort them and let them know we are here for them if they need us.
Sometimes being a good parent means to take a step back and give your kids the opportunity to be independent and sometimes even to let them make mistakes so that they will learn and grow.
In my opinion, the greatest gift we can give our children is to teach them good morals, values, virtues, how to be responsible, how to be independent, not to be so materialistic in nature, and how to think for themselves. After we have done all of these things, then it is truly up to them and out of our control. We can only hope for the best.

My Job—-Money—-Bills

I know a lot of us worry about job security. But here again, this is something out of our control. If we are doing the best we can, that is all any of us can do. I have these quotes on my wall, which goes like this.
"Getting fired; is nature's way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place." By Hal Lancaster
"Only insecure people need security. Secure people know that there's no such thing. Security comes from within, when you know you can handle anything." By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
There are times when I am sure we all worry about not having enough money to pay the bills. I have learned over the years if you keep your life simple you realize just how little you need to live. You need a home, you need transportation, you need food and clothing.
These are all necessities and things you need everything else is stuff you just want but not needed (Materialistic Things). You don't have to have the biggest house, most expensive car, and clothes. But I would buy quality food even if it is more expensive because of health reasons.
It comes down to how you spend your money or manage your money. How many clothes and pairs of shoes does a woman actually, need? And men how many electronic gadgets do we actually, need?
Another thing I learned over the years is. If you cannot manage your money making let's say 12 dollars an hour, then you will not manage if you were making 20 dollars an hour. That is just more money for you to waste and you will still be broke. 
I hear people all of the time talking about how they need to make more money because they can't pay their bills. We would all like to make more money, but my point is this. I see these same people with different expensive cell phones every other month or two, eating out all the time, and driving expensive cars and trucks.
They wonder why they are broke all the time and barely living paycheck to paycheck. These people don't know how to manage their money! It's a matter of learning the difference between actual needs and wants. When I first started out in the working world, I was making $5.10 an hour.
With that money, I managed to purchase the property I live on today as well as buy a brand new truck. I still took vacations and done the things I wanted to do. But I didn't have to have every new gadget that came on the market. Nor do I today! I wasn't eating out all the time, and I still don't.
The problem I see with most of the people today is they want something, and they want it right now. Some things require time and patience. I am not a materialistic person, and I live my life as simple as possible; but because of it.
I am not stressed out all of the time and worrying about money. I also know no matter how much stuff we accumulate we are not going to take it with us when we Die.

What About Getting Old

Why do we worry about getting old when we all know it is the natural process of life, and it is entirely out of our control. I think a lot of us worry because of health reasons, losing our independents, and fear of the unknown.
There is no reason that we can't be healthy and independent up into our 90's and beyond if we learn to quit worrying about and stressing out over every little thing, and we start right now and begin to eat healthier and take care of ourselves mind, body, and spirit.
In my opinion, 80% of our health issues is due to what we are eating and the chemicals we use for Washing Clothes, Dishes, Soaps, Shampoos, Makeup, Skin Creams, Suntanning Lotions, Sun Block, Hairspray, Lipstick, Perfumes, Furniture Polishes, and Carpet Cleaners to name a few. Most all of them are full of toxins. 
The other 20%, in my opinion, is going to Doctors instead of finding something natural to treat your health problems. When have you ever been to a Doctor and they not find something wrong with you? Then it's time to get out the prescription pad.
Most all prescription drugs are worse for you than most of the problems you are taking them for, and they usually do you more harm than good. Here is a list of the top 10 drugs sold in the U.S. and their side effects.

Table 1. Top 100 Drugs by Monthly Prescription
Rank  Drug (Brand Name)  Total Prescriptions to June 2014
1- Synthroid                            22,664,826
2- Crestor                                22,557,735
3- Nexium                               18,656,464
4- Ventolin HFA                      17,556,646
5- Advair Diskus                     15,003,169
6- Diovan                                 11,401,503
7- Lantus Solostar                  10,154,739
8- Cymbalta                             10,065,788
9- Vyvanse                              10,019,178
10- Lyrica                                  9,684,884


I can't speak for you. You have to do whatever you feel is right. Me personally though I will find a natural way. I see people all the time sick and going to the doctor. People I work with ask me all the time. Don't you ever get sick? The answer is no.

They also tell me I need to go to the doctor for a checkup at least once a year. I always laugh and say to them you will live a lot longer if you stay away from the doctors. I will be 52 in October, and I haven't been sick or to a physician since I was 14 years old.


What Is The Secret?

You might ask; what is the secret, as to why I don't get sick? My answer would be there is no secret. Like I said earlier in this post it is a Mind, Body, and Spiritual Connection.
I eat organic foods including grass fed beef and chicken which is running free as well as the eggs from them. Instead of eating eggs and chicken from a chicken house. Feed The Body!
I also read, listen to, and watch a lot of Motivational and Inspirational Books and movies. Feed The Mind!
I sometimes fast for 3 to 7 days. I do Body Cleanses, and I have a very Spiritual Connection with Our Creator. Feed The Spirit!
So, for all of you who are interested, this is my secret to great health. 


Having Enough Money For Retirement

I know a lot of us worry about having enough money for retirement. The only thing I can tell you about this is. You are not guaranteed tomorrow! The only thing we can do is live one day at a time.
Try to get out of debt as soon as possible that way you won't have to work hard in your older years. I have seen too many people work themselves to death trying to save up for retirement; and when they finally reach that age they ended up dying a couple of years afterward.
I have also seen a lot of people reach that age of retirement and then be so afraid to spend any of that money because they might have to have surgery, or they might get sick and need to go to the doctor.
So I guess I am saying what is the point of working hard and saving all this money up for retirement if you are afraid to spend and enjoy it. In most cases, you Die and then your children spend and enjoy it.
Don't misunderstand me. I am not against saving money at all. Everyone needs some money for a rainy day. I save money up to do things I want to do and enjoy; not to give it all away to doctors, hospitals, and my kids.
As far as my children go, they can work for what they want the same as I do; this might sound heartless to some of you but if we raised are kids right then they can take care of themselves.
Always remember one thing. You came into this World with nothing, and you are going to leave it the same way!
If you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn’t;  please leave a comment good or bad, I would enjoy reading them; or if you have a question or a topic that you would like to discuss. I would enjoy that as well.
If you know people who could benefit from this message, please be sure to tell them about my website. Or post it to Social Media.
Sincerely Dale (Life Coach)

Inspirational People Who Overcame Obstacles

Hey everyone, Today I would like to discuss the Obstacles which always seem to come along at what seems like the wrong time. When an Obstacle shows up in your life how do you view it?
Do you get that discussed look on your face and say here we go again; every time I think I'm getting ahead in life something always comes up and gets in my way.
I would like to read you a quote out of a book called Staying on the Path By Wayne Dyer

"Every obstacle that comes along on this planet is either an opportunity to grow and think differently…..Or to use as an excuse to believe that we are stuck."
Well, I don't know about you, but I am great at making excuses as to why I can't do something. But today I want to introduce you to some amazing people that when I saw them, for the first time; my problems didn't seem so bad. I hope they Inspire you as much as they did me.

Inspirational People Who Overcame Obstacles.


I would like to introduce you to Nick Vujicic.

The next time you or I let a little Obstacle get in our way; we need to look back on some of these people and remind ourselves that things could be a lot worse. These people should be an Inspiration to all of us. Obstacles are only challenges that are put before us to see how we will handle them.
Whether we will let them hold us back or deal with it and change course or directions in our lives. And in some cases, it might be for the better. I am one of those people who doesn't believe in accidents or coincidences. I think everything happens for a reason.
Even though we may not know what that reason is I believe it will be revealed to us when the time is right.

Meet Jim Maclaren and Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah.


Famous Women Who Overcame Obstacles


Meet Helen Adams Keller.

Helen was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama June 27, 1880. She became Blind and Deaf because of some unknown illness in 1882. Helen was a bright but wild and unruly child who threw temper tantrums.
On March 3rd, 1887 Helen's life was about to change. Helen was introduced, to Anne Mansfield Sullivan, who became her teacher. Miss Sullivan started teaching Helen words and the way she accomplished this is pretty impressive.
She put one of Helen's hands under a stream of water and then traced in her other hand the word water, and suddenly the signals in Helen's mind connected and she knew what the word water meant. After that, Helen wanted to learn other words and she quickly learned the alphabet.
At the age of 10, Helen had a desire to learn speech, but she was never satisfied with her hard to understand speaking voice. Helen was determined to go to college so, in the year 1900, she went to Radcliffe College and in 1904 she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Helen was the first blind and deaf person ever to do so.
Helen became an Author while still in College, and she published her Autobiography in 1903 titled The Story of My Life which is a must read if you ever feel like you have Obstacles in your life that are holding you back. You can take Inspiration from this remarkable woman.
Helen died at the age of 87 on June 1st, 1968 just weeks before her 88th birthday. I could go on and talk about all of her accomplishments, but I believe it would be better coming from her words; in her autobiography.

Meet Marlee Beth Matlin.

Marlee was born on August 24, 1965, in Morton Grove, Illinois. Marlee is deaf in her right ear and has possibly only 20% hearing in her left ear. But she has never allowed her hearing problems to stand in her way.
"I have always resisted putting limitations on myself, both professionally and personally." By Marlee Matlin
At age 7, Marlee was acting in a children's theater company where she played Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz. She studied criminal justice at College but she always maintained a passion for acting.
In 1986, Marlee won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie Children of a Lesser God. She takes time out of her busy life to visit with kids who are both hearing-impaired or deaf.
Marlee is a spokeswoman for the National Captioning Institute. In 1995, Marlee helped to get a law passed to require TV's 13 inches or larger to be made, with built in chips; which provide closed captioning for the hear-impaired.
Marlee is another remarkable woman who we can take Inspiration from she has had her ups and downs just like everyone else, but she doesn't let obstacles get in her way. She rises to the occasion.

Meet Oprah Gail Winfrey.

Oprah is a magnificent woman who overcame lots of obstacles and trauma in her life to become one of the richest people in America. She is someone to whom we can all look up to for Inspiration.
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What Is The Point Of Being A Racist

Today I would like to talk to you about Racism. I don't know about you, but I am so sick and tired of it all. When are people going to wake up? What is the point of being a Racist? When are we going to stop teaching our children to hate just because someone is different or has a different color of skin?
Can anyone who is reading this post today say that you are a pure blood of any kind? We are all immigrants from somewhere. Me personally; I am English, Irish, Scottish and American Indian. Where did your ancestors come from?
I don't know when or where all of the hate began, but it is time to put and end to it all. We should all be banding together to put and end to all of the corruption in the world instead of hating one another.

Why Should Racism Stop?

Racism should stop because of the previous sentence above. There are enough things in this World we need to be fighting for instead of fighting each other, and we all need to band together and stop being Ignorant.
We should be standing together to fight against the FDA (Food and Drug Administration,) AMA (American Medical Association,) Big Pharma, and the crooked Government Officials.
What I am about to say may hurt a few people's feelings, but if you believe what goes on in the News, you are Naive. The Media is Owned by large corporations such as Big Pharma. Think about it. How many commercials do you see that doesn't pertain to some drugs for some illness or food that is bad for your health?
If you pay attention, the news always portrays some Racial stories to keep us at war with each other instead of focusing on the corruption that is going on all around us. If we are so focused on hating, each other things will never change.
It has always been my observation that the Media is to keep us focused on Racism and hate of each other, so we don't see what is going on in the World.
I call the government the best magicians in the World; they are excellent at slight of hand. They keep you focused on what's going on in the Media while they are doing something behind our backs which usually is not good for us.


 Will Racism Ever Stop?

Racism will never stop if we don't start teaching our children to end the hating. We need to teach our kids about racism and why it is bad. We need to show them just because someone is a different color or nationality it doesn't make them a bad person. We need to teach our children how to think not what to think.
I would like to know if as many of you feel as strongly as I do about stopping the Racism, so please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
It is time for this World to change for the better which hasn't happened in a very long time. I can only just imagine what we could accomplish if we all stood together in unison instead of against each other. And that alone is what the government fears.
It is time for the Government to understand they work for us, not the other way around! It is time for them to know if they aren't doing the job which we pay them to do we can fire their ass! It is time for them to understand that they are not above the law, and they need to be held accountable for their actions just the same as you and me!


If you or I have a job, and we are not performing it to expectations, we get fired without any benefits! My question to you is what is the difference between them and us? Absolutely none in my opinion.
I didn't mean to get on a tangent here, but I am sick of all of the corruption in the World as well as the Racism. We all came from Our Creator, and I am happy to say I'm glad that I'm not the one in charge because I would have wiped our asses off of this Planet a long time ago.

If you enjoyed this post, or even if you didn’t; please leave a comment good or bad, I would enjoy reading them; or if you have a question or a topic that you would like to discuss. I would enjoy that as well.
If you know people who could benefit from this message, please be sure to tell them about my website. Or post it to Social Media.
Sincerely Dale (EFT Practitioner & Life Coach)

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